Chocolate Coconut Protein Truffles


Recommended by Kailan Kalina, content editor

Super Bowl weekend is upon us—our country's greatest non-federal but basically federal holiday. And the last thing you want to do is show up to the biggest party of the year empty-handed. Or worse, be the host with the most basic snacks.

May I present to you a healthy, yummy contribution that will make you look all domesticated and fancy and stuff without trying too hard: Chocolate Coconut Protein Truffles. You can make them in under 30 minutes (short ingredient list, no baking), and even the manliest of football fans will scarf them up faster than a season ticket holder puts away beer and hotdogs. We made these truffles with Primeval Labs Isolit in Chocolate Milk, which worked great. Usually people have the savory snacks taken care of, so you can score extra points with this sweet treat that won't bust their belts.

Rep 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Boxes

Plyo Boxes

Recommended by Heather Eastman, senior content editor

What do you get your favorite fitness fanatic on Valentine's Day? Flowers are cliché and chocolates won't fit their macros. This year, instead of a box of chocolates, why not a box for plyos instead?

For that special someone who snatched your heart, this 3-in-1 box is guaranteed to provoke heavy breathing. Designed for HIIT workouts and at-home use, the three different levels offer enough variation and intensity to guarantee your favorite CrossFitter always has a challenging workout. And just like that sparkly ring, Rep Fitness offers multiple sizes to choose from to ensure an absolutely perfect fit. You could even buy a matching pair to achieve your #couplegoals by working out together. Signature Protein Crunch Bars

Protein Crunch Bars

Recommended by Jeff O'Connell, editor-in-chief

My grab-and-go protein choice these days is a Signature Protein Crunch Bar, specifically the chocolate peanut butter version. If you swore off candy bars years ago but occasionally crave the taste of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, this is about as close as you'll come to that smooth, creamy blend of chocolate and peanut butter.

Unlike those tasty gut bombs, Signature bars also pack 20 grams of whey protein to support workout recovery and lean muscle growth. And whereas a single peanut butter cup sticks you with a pancreas-jolting 22 grams of sugar, Signature bars contain only 5 grams of added sugar. Of note for those who, like me, have highly carb-sensitive blood glucose and insulin responses, the presence of 5 grams of fiber and 9 grams of fat ensures that sugar will enter your blood steam nice and slowly, preventing a subsequent crash.

Krups Fast Touch Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

Coffee Grinder

Recommended by Shoshanna Cohen, content editor

There is only so much oatmeal a person can eat. For a change of pace, I love cream of rice hot cereal because it's quick, gluten-free, and easy to digest.

But it's also nearly impossible to find this clean carb in a store. So when a co-worker told me you can easily make it from scratch in a coffee grinder, it changed my life. Just throw regular, uncooked rice in the grinder for a few seconds, then cook it in hot water like oatmeal.

Suddenly, the options for hot cereal are practically limitless. In addition to different types of rice (try basmati!), I'll throw in hemp hearts, chia seeds, and buckwheat groats for their hearty flavor and nutrients. As a bonus, you can also use this kitchen appliance to grind coffee.

NT Loop

NT Loop

Recommended by Nick Collias, executive editor

In my family, there are two kinds of football watchers: The kind who melts into the couch like nacho cheese, and the kind who spends the game down on the floor, stretching and doing glute activation drills.

For the second of those groups—which is basically just me—the invention of a new butt band is a cause for rejoicing. And the newest and best band in town is without a doubt the NT Loop, created by esteemed strength coach Nick Tumminello, a longtime contributor and the instructional talent in the popular BodyFit Elite program True Muscle: 9 Weeks to Elite Fitness.

The NT Loop takes the hip circle premise to its logical extreme. At 50 inches, it's far bigger than other loop bands of all types, making it far more useful.

In the gym, wrap it around anything heavy and stable to work any part of your lower body. Without an anchor, it also lends itself to kick-backs, RDLs, good mornings, monster walks, and band-resisted push-ups. It can even be a butt-band built for two.

It's the best-made loop band I've tried, the grippiest one (this matters!), and the most versatile. Give it a try and you won't regret it.

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