Sometimes you just want a juicy, freshly-grilled burger, but ground beef can seem boring after a while. Lamb burgers are an amazingly clean, high-protein substitute that'll keep you from snoring through your next burger night.

They're good for you, too. Lamb is high in omega-3 fatty acids and oleic acid, both of which are said to support heart health. And each of my 4-ounce patties contain approximately 23 grams of protein!

While ground beef is yummy, if it's not organic then it's a heavily processed, industrialized product that's missing some of the health benefits attributed to always-grass-fed lamb.

So, try these gently seasoned and hot-grilled patties resting on a bed of avocado and citrus-chili dressing for a clean, hip, and healthy alternative to the common chuck!

Lamb Burgers

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For a bread-free alternative, just plate your lamb burger atop dressing and avocado slices, then crown with grilled onions.

A fantastic and easy-to-make accompaniment is Chef Robert Irvine's cucumber salad!

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