Cardio? Check. Booty? Double check. This workout is perfect for those days you want a quick workout that's fun and hits all the right places.

Do five rounds of each of these exercises, one after the other. Rest only at the end of each round.

Booty Cardio Workout
Circuit: 5 Rounds
Bodyweight squat
5 sets, 20 reps
+ 5 more exercises


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Have fun!


You can hold a kettlebell or dumbbell out in front of you, or no weight at all. Push your hips back, sit as low as you can, and squeeze your butt on the way up.

Reverse Lunge

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take a big step back with your right foot and bend both knees. Bring your left knee down until it almost touches the ground. Press through the heel of your right foot and push off your left toe to bring your right foot back to the starting position. Step back with your left leg and repeat the movement.

Donkey Kick

Begin in the tabletop position. Your shoulders, elbows, and wrists should be in one line, as well as your hips and knees. Keeping your right heel flexed, and your right knee bent, kick your right leg up toward the sky. Squeeze your glutes to move your leg. Try not to move your hips and shoulders at all. Bring your knee back down toward the floor, then squeeze your butt to kick that leg back up. Repeat. Switch legs.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge

Lay on your back with your knees bent and your heels pressed into the floor. Lift your left leg so your heel faces the ceiling. Keep that leg straight and squeeze your glutes so your hips rise off the floor. Lower yourself back down and repeat. Switch legs.

Alternating Step-Up With Knee Drive

Find a bench, step, or even your couch. Step your right foot onto the bench and stand up. As you stand, drive your left knee up toward your chest. Lower your left leg back down to the floor, followed by your right. Alternate legs and keep moving in this pattern.

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