As one of our earliest and still most popular 12-week plans, Jamie Eason's iconic LiveFit 12-Week Trainer has more than earned reverence at But, we tend to speak of the program like it's two different entities; there's LiveFit…and there's LiveFit phase three.

During the final four weeks, Jamie opens the floodgates, giving you a real window into how a fitness model trains—and a real opportunity to achieve a lasting transformation, if your schedule and mental resolve are up to the task. This is hard, heavy stuff that will challenge any lifter, of any experience level. If you can make it through this, you've earned your after photo!

If you want to go tough on your back and biceps this week, try tackling this classic workout from week nine (day sixty-one) of LiveFit.

Get Fit With Jamie Eason!
Get Fit With Jamie Eason!
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