There's no better way to finish a hard training session than with a post-workout shake that not only promotes gains in size and strength, but tastes great, too. When I'm formulating a new JYM product or flavor, my mantra is that great gains should also taste great! I'd never want anyone to feel like they have to choke down one of my shakes after training.

I'm a strong believer in variety when it comes to nutrition—even when it comes to post-workout supplements. You don't have to keep Pro JYM, Post JYM Active Matrix, and Post JYM Fast Carbs separate. I designed these three products to complement one another in terms of taste so you can mix them right up in one shaker cup or blender.

I combine products all the time, but one JYM Army member in particular, Steve Flintoff, takes post-workout taste and nutrition to a new level. He cleverly combines Pro JYM and Post JYM with a host of other tasty foods, while keeping the macronutrient totals appropriate for maximizing post-workout recovery.

Post Workout, Carbs are Key

I believe that fast-digesting carbohydrates are critical after training. When you're feeling broken down and fatigued, your body needs carbs to replenish muscle glycogen as well as for spiking insulin—both of which drive nutrients into your muscles. This is precisely why I created Post JYM Fast Carbs. Anyone who would rather eat their carbs post-workout can opt for high-dextrose foods like gummy bears or a bowl of sugary cereal.

Flintoff took the concept of unique post-workout carbohydrate options and ran with it in the following recipes. They all deliver the carbs you need—and they're all delicious! So, when you're looking for something different to shake up your post-workout nutrition, mix up one of these concoctions.

1. Tropical Post JYM Paradise

In this post-workout shake, your carbs are coming mostly from cantaloupe, which is an ideal fruit to consume post-workout due to the fact that it has a relatively low fructose content compared to other fruits like apples and oranges. Because of this, it will digest more rapidly and be delivered to your muscles more quickly.

There's also a modest amount of fat included in this shake, but that's okay after training; one study showed that higher-fat whole milk increased protein synthesis post-workout more than skim milk.[1]

Tropical Post JYM Paradise

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2. Cherry Lemonade Post JYM Blast

After a hard training session is one of the few times you can get away with having some juice and not worrying about the sugar content. Cherry juice is especially beneficial post-workout; research has shown that cherry juice can dampen delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and expedite muscle recovery following intense exercise.[2]

Cherry Lemonade Post

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3. Key Lime Pie Post JYM Delight

This shake uses a coconut-almond milk combination for taste and texture, but feel free to use regular milk if it's more convenient. The addition of spinach is unique and also adds a good boost of micronutrients.

Key Lime Pie Post

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4. Rainbow Post JYM Fruity Fusion

Post-workout is the one time of day that eating Froot Loops will actually help you, as the sugar will help raise insulin in the body and drive more protein into the muscle. The marshmallow fluff (one of my favorites) adds great flavor and texture to the shake.

Rainbow Post

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