You go to the gym several times a week. You talk about PRs and rep maxes. You can even reference the many benefits of creatine on a whim! The world can probably tell you're a serious lifter, but sometimes it's difficult to see yourself clearly. That's why we've put together this list.

If you can check off more than five of these telltale signs that lifting is integral to your way of living, then you've officially crossed over into "serious lifter" country. The iron life is the only life for you. Be careful, though: Once you're here, there's no going back!

1. You Speak Glowingly Of Your Callus Shaver

Ripped callus wounds make picking up even 10-pound dumbbells painful. If you're a serious lifter, you know you want to avoid them at all costs. That's why your callus shaver is a staple in what some would consider "too many" of your conversations.

When you see a fellow lifter chewing off a callus, spread the good word.

2. Chalk Is Your Favorite Condiment

Deadlift, bench press, squat, clean: Everything tastes better with a little magic strength dust.

Everything tastes better with a little magic strength dust.

3. You Can Walk Into Any Gym And Find The Best Lighting

It may take you a minute or two, but you'll find that half-natty light. And then you'll make the most if it with a well-posed selfie.

4. You Have A Shelf Dedicated To Supps

As your lifts have gotten heavier and your goals grander, your supplement collection has kept pace. Instead of the single jug of protein and bottle of multivitamins in your pantry, your stack has grown to include BCAAscreatine,caffeinebeta-alanine, and a vast array of other gains necessities. It's the bulk life for you.

5. You Carry Around A Pill Container Like An 80-Year-Old Lady

That pill container may make you look like you're suffering from a terrible ailment, but your heart knows multivitamins are no joke—neither are the caffeine pills, fat burners, fish oil, probiotics, and creatine capsules you keep near you at all times.

6. Your Calendar Is Organized By Training Day

Forget Monday. You know what day it is because your desk calendar says "International Chest Day." Knowing your split and having a plan before you even walk into the gym is a definite sign you know what you're doing.

7. You Live And Die By The Anabolic Window

You believe in the anabolic window with so much fervor that you keep one in your house.

8. You Have More Accessories In Your Gym Bag Than Your Closet

You've been in the iron game long enough to know that some lifts require a little extra help, so you keep your knee wraps, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, straps, belt, and weightlifting shoes right where you need them. And if any polo-wearing trainer comes by to tell you to put your gym bag away, your stink eye is scary enough to shut him up.

9. You Have More Progress Photos Than Family Photos

Instead of your kids' school pictures, your stairwell is lined with proof of eight years of solid gains.

10. You'd Prefer To Remove Your Shirt

Is there really a bad situation for taking off your shirt? We didn't think so.

11. You Never Skip Leg Day

If you're a serious lifter, you know the importance of balance and symmetry. You also know how vital leg training is for a strong, athletic body. Some people can't handle the post-leg-day trauma of sitting on a toilet or walking up the stairs, but you swallow your fear and do whatever it takes to build an insane set of wheels.

12. You Know Your Pre-Workout Scoop Limits

You've flirted with the line between pumped and panicked. You know that a numb face and racing heart won't help you concentrate on the big-ass bench you're about to hit, so you've gone to great lengths determining the perfect amount of pre-workout to help you destroy any lift.

13. You Bring Food With You Wherever You Go

Most people's carry-on bag may contain just enough clothing to get them through the weekend. Yours has just enough food to get you through the rest of the day.

14. You've Tried On Chains At Home Depot

Nope, nobody is staring. You do you, Boo Boo.

15. You Have A Special Relationship With Your Blender

Some compose poems about unrequited love. If you were into that sort of thing, all of your odes would be dedicated to your blender. You've been through a lot together—and you wouldn't have it any other way.

You know exactly how much liquid, protein, peanut butter, ice, and banana make the perfect shake. You know what speed works best, how long to blend, and how big of a glass you'll need to fit it all. You want your love to be eternal, so you never leave your blender out to get sticky or rust.

You wash it, dry it, and then put it carefully away. And you do so, happily—you'd never mistreat one of the most important keys to your gains.

Are You Serious?

Comment on these serious-lifter signs, and add a batch of your own, in the comments section below! We want to know what fuels your lifting fire.

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