My name is Zuzka Light and I am a 31-year-old woman who believes in the powerful connection between body, mind, and soul. For the past six years I have been on a mission to get as many people in shape as possible. I motivate people to lead a healthy lifestyle through my workouts and nutrition tips via my website and my video channel on There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing the positive impact my workout programs have had on other people's lives. The changes I've seen in my fans (my "WarriorZ") are not just physical or having fitter, stronger, and toned bodies. I have seen my WarriorZ gain a healthier mental outlook and overall improved quality of life. These inspirational stories push and motivate me to do what I do.

Workouts At Home

I create workouts designed to be short and effective, requiring max effort for quick results. I push myself to the limit each and every time I work out. I let people see that I am human just like them, and just like them I struggle. I use my own determination to motivate others to push themselves even further. I lead by example to show that it is possible to get amazing results with just 20 minutes per day without even leaving your own home. Of course nutrition and diet are equally as important as training, so I like to experiment in the kitchen to create simple, easy-to-make recipes using fresh, healthy ingredients. I make my cooking demos and recipes fun and easy for everyone.

Fitness Inspiration

Working out and living this fitness lifestyle has brought me to a good point in my life. It lifted me out of and away from negative influences that came into my early life. I am eternally grateful that I found this calling and I want to share my passion with as many people as possible.

Workout Methodology

Short, high-intensity workouts get your heart rate up and your metabolism moving fast. The idea is to push yourself with max effort for a short period of time, 10-20 minutes. I implement an innovative wrapping format of cardio exercises with other complex move-based exercises. This puts the body in a state of stress management to break plateaus and get real results. The exercises alone are not complicated, but put into this complex wrapping format, the exercises together become challenging and body-changing. I like to change my workouts on a regular basis and program different move-based exercises to focus on specific areas like abs, butt, core, upper body, etc.

Online Workouts

Recently, I launched my new ZGYM at It features brand-new workouts every week. Through my ZGYM you can find a variety of workouts; ZWOWs, ZSHREDs, ZBeginner Series, ZSpecial jump rope workouts and more. I keep adding new workouts to keep your routine fresh and new so you're always challenging yourself and improving! It all started with my ZWOWs (Zuzka's Workout Of the Week), which have garnered a huge following through my YouTube channel. Every week for more than a year, I added a new ZWOW workout to my channel. Subscribers did them at home and then shared their times with fellow WarriorZ.

It was amazing to read all the positive feedback and see the incredible results people were getting. Every week I post a new ZWOW to the ZGYM along with a new ZSHRED workout. These ZSHRED workouts are designed to push you harder than you've ever been pushed before. These workouts get quick results using cardio-intensive exercises wrapped around fast-paced, muscle-toning exercises. ZSHRED workouts get your heart rate up and keep you burning calories for hours to come. Also on my ZGYM you can find a newly released Z Beginner Series. Everyone has to start somewhere, so I designed a 6-week workout program for beginners that help build strength and endurance.

DVD Programs

Last year I introduced my "ZCUT Power Cardio," a three-disc series that included 30, 60 and 90-day calendars. The series features 12 cardio-intensive workouts that will help shed pounds and tone your body like never before. Next, I turned my attention to yoga by releasing volume one of "ZCUT Power Yoga," which focuses on balance and flexibility. I implemented yoga-inspired strength and stretching exercises and added my own special Z twist with moves like the "flying burpee." These workouts will lengthen and shape your entire body while calming your mind and soothing your soul. Most recently I released my new "ZCUT Power Strength" series—another three-disc program also featuring a 30, 60 and 90-day calendar, giving you more functional strength and an overall leaner physique. Coming soon, I'll be releasing my new "ZCUT Six-Pack Power Abs" DVD, created to specifically target your core and tone the abs!

Results You Can Believe In

Keeping a consistent routine is the most important factor when it comes to changing your body. You have to do your workouts on a regular basis and maintain a healthy diet every day of every week for every month of the year. It's also important to remember that you can't just change your body over night. You have to stick with your program and be honest about your efforts. Eat right daily and give 100 percent in every workout and I promise you will see and feel the difference in no time!




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