Supplement Company Of The Month: Dymatize Nutrition

Dymatize is a giant of the supplement world. Its products cover spectrum of customer needs and get tested like no other. If you have a goal, Dymatize can help you achieve it.

Do you know where your supplements are really coming from? If you buy from Dymatize you do. This veteran company produces nearly everything it sells on its own premises. Its researchers study ingredients, test formulas, conduct university studies, and follow the products all the way to packaging to ensure that everything works exactly as planned.

This is why Dymatize wins awards and continues to expand a product line that already includes dozens of products. Late last year, it was also bought by American food giant Post Holdings, further boosting the brand's global potential. President and CEO Greg Venner gave us the low-down on the company's past and its bright future.

Tell our readers how your company started.

Dymatize Nutrition was founded in 1994 and has since been an industry leader. It supplies the highest quality nutritional supplements to millions of fitness enthusiasts and athletes around the world, reaching more than 50 countries.

Since its founding, Dymatize has grown into a globally recognized and respected sports nutrition company. We started with the main essentials of sports nutrition, focusing first on perfecting our protein powders, then gradually expanding our breadth of products. As our company grew, we chose to self-manufacture our protein powders, which has allowed us to tightly control the quality of our products for the benefit of our consumers and to continue growing effectively and efficiently year after year.

We also hire the most qualified personnel to help us reach our full potential. For example, here's a fun fact, one of our top original product developers invented the Slurpee for 7-11, before he worked for Dymatize.

Today, we are one of the industry leaders and constantly raise the bar to improve sports nutrition for athletes everywhere. The Dymatize Nutrition Sports Performance Institute (DNSPI) is the entity that ensures that Dymatize products deliver real performance results. DNSPI consists of four components: a world-class research and development organization led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Robert Wildman, a highly regarded figure in sports science; the DNSPI Advisory Board, which consists of sports science research stars and experts in applied sports performance; industry-leading university research; and elite athletes testing of our products.

What made the founders decide to start their own supplement company?

The sports nutrition industry was taking off in the early 90s and the importance of obtaining high quality supplementation was becoming more and more evident. Dymatize Owners Ted Casey and Michael Casid got together and decided that this was the industry they wanted to be in. They had a vision of helping others reach their sports and nutritional goals by supplying a breadth of high-quality products to meet a variety of needs. Dymatize has done just that and currently offers dozens of products. If there is a sport nutrition need, Dymatize has it covered.

Producing the safest, highest quality and most effective products are extremely important to us. For example, we ensure quality by having every raw ingredient quarantined for a minimum of three days while being tested for potency and purity by our in-house quality control testing microbiological lab to help ensure that the highest standards are met. In addition, these same raw materials are tested to ensure that every raw material is free of banned substances as part of our NSF Good Manufacturing for Sport and HFL Informed-Choice certifications.

We test all finished product to ensure compliance to label declaration and ensure no microbiological activity. In addition, finished products are tested by HFL Informed-Choice to ensure that Dymatize finished goods are free of banned substances. In this way, we ensure that all products going out for consumer use are guaranteed to meet our high-quality standards.

"We are committed to delivering the highest quality supplements and being the nutrition that fuels your ambition."

Beyond providing safe and high quality products, another reason we separate ourselves from the rest of the competition is because more than 90 percent of our sales come from products produced at our own manufacturing facility at our headquarters. In addition, our main location houses three separate research and development labs and four quality control labs. We are in total control of the purchasing, processing, blending, and packaging of our own products. This enables us to provide value to our consumers by ensuring the highest safety, effectiveness, and quality at every step.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality supplements and being the nutrition that fuels your ambition. When you get a Dymatize product, you know exactly what you are getting and that it is undoubtedly the best.

Who are some important people who helped Dymatize in the beginning? What was their role?

Early on, Michael and Ted brought on Brad Cooke, another childhood friend, who is now our VP of Sales. Brad was a key member of the team in the beginning. He immediately brought innovative ideas and knowledge of the industry. From innovative product developers to dedicated quality and manufacturing personnel, our company has benefited from the contributions of many talented employees who shaped who we are today.

We could not be where we are without the support from our athletes who are our greatest brand ambassadors. Andy Haman is a great example. He has been part of Team Dymatize for six years and has been a terrific representative in the United States and across the world. Looking to the future, Dymatize is becoming part of Post Holdings, Inc., and we are excited about our opportunities with this new ownership group.

Post has a heritage that dates back 115 years beginning with the launch of the first ready-to-eat cereal, and it is committed to enriching the lives of consumers by delivering the highest quality and nutrition in its product offerings. In addition, the Post Holdings leadership team has an immense amount of experience building brands and understanding the value of listening to and being true to your consumer base.

Your product list is immense. What are some of your top products right now?

Our company carries an extensive portfolio, but certainly our primary focus is on providing the best protein products on the market. ISO-100, the 2013 winner of's Isolate of the Year Award, is one of our top protein products because of its ultra-fast absorbing protein formulation with less than 1 g of sugar or fat. Of course, Elite Whey Protein has been around for a decade and is one of our flagship brands. Elite Fusion 7 is also a great anytime protein blend.

Dymatize athlete Lawrence Ballenger holds the 2013
Isolate of the Year Trophy

But we also realize this is a dynamic industry in which consumers look for variety and innovative new products. So in 2012 Dymatize purchased the Supreme Protein brand, and we are re-launching it with a new look and expanded product offerings for consumers to enjoy in 2014. This will include a new line of 15 g protein bars designed for consumers needing a protein boost in the morning, ready-to-drink protein shakes, and protein powders, all formulated with natural sweeteners, flavors and colors.

Recognizing the desire among more and more athletes for cleaner, truly all-natural sports nutrition products, Dymatize also launched Pursuit RX in 2013. This all-natural line that contains pre-workout, whey protein, recovery blend, and performance fish oil products.

What new products can we expect in the near future?

This March we are launching two new flavors of ISO-100, Birthday Cake and Fudge Brownie, to celebrate our 20th birthday with our fans. We will launch additional ISO-100 products later in the summer. In addition, we will have new pre-, intra- and post-workout offerings starting in March. This is to say nothing of our Supreme Protein expansion, which I mentioned earlier.

Who are your sponsored athletes and how do they impact your company?

As everyone knows, Dymatize proudly sponsors Erin Stern, two-time Ms. Figure Olympia. Erin impacts our company by also serving as one of our DNSPI Advisory Board members and she impacts the industry by serving as a role model to so many athletes around the globe.

Andy Haman is also a sponsored Dymatize athlete and has been a great representative of the brand around the globe. We have spoken to so many people around the world who said that they started getting into bodybuilding after meeting Andy in person.

I don't have room here to say how all of our athletes impact the industry, but they all bring unique and interesting backgrounds that help inspire everyone: the aspiring bodybuilder, functional fitness athletes, hard-gaining teens trying to bulk-up, and 40-something adults trying to shave off pounds.

"I don't have room here to say how all of our athletes impact the industry, but they all bring unique and interesting backgrounds that help inspire everyone"

Let's say a customer is just starting a fitness regimen, can only afford one product, and comes to you. Which one supplement do you recommend?

The answer depends on their fitness goal. If they are looking for a great utility protein product they can use in the morning, as a meal replacement, post-workout, and at night before bed in place of dessert, Elite Fusion 7 is a great choice because it is a blend of seven fast- and slow-absorbing proteins. It also contains fiber, CLA, and other nutrients for more complete overall nutrition.

Then there's ISO-100. It's our fastest-growing brand for a reason. Given its ultra-fast absorbing profile, it works great first thing in the morning to stop catabolism and it's perfect around workouts to quickly replenish proteins broken down by your training.

What do you believe are the best and worst things about the supplement industry?

The best and most fulfilling aspect of the supplement industry is the opportunity to help people achieve their fitness goals and ambitions. Our current marketing slogan reflects our passion for helping athletes meet and surpass their fitness goals: Your Ambition. Our Nutrition. It's based on our understanding that every athlete or person interested in a more fit lifestyle has different ambitions or goals, and the work to accomplish those goals is up to them. But because of the care and science-based approach we take in developing products that are effective, safe and great tasting, we can be like a trusted training partner who helps them meet their goals.

There are many good, legitimate players in the industry, but the worst aspect of the supplement industry is that there are some companies which seek to make a quick buck. They use deceptive practices like amino spiking, which is the act of replacing protein content with lower cost, non-muscle-building amino acids that get measured as protein in the testing procedure. There's a lot of chatter in forums about this recently. Others don't invest sufficiently to ensure that the products fitness enthusiasts are buying are safe and free of banned or harmful substances.

Q&A With Sponsored Athlete David Morin

How long have you been sponsored/involved with Dymatize Nutrition?

I teamed up with Dymatize in late 2009. Dymatize is a class act. I have worked for a few other companies in the past and can confidently say that I stand by the products made by Dymatize. Not many sports nutrition companies out there can say that they have been around for 20 years and have their own manufacturing plant where they have full control of ingredients and the quality of their products.

Customers believe in Dymatize because they provide the best value for their hard-earned money. With that said, I would absolutely purchase All Natural Elite Whey if I had to. But, thanks to my team, I get a shipment every month!

When training, what is your favorite Dymatize Nutrition supplement? How do you use it?

I use Dymatize Recoup as an intra-workout drink. It is packed with BCAAs and L-Citrulline. I use two scoops in 16 ounces of ice cold water and the Lemonade flavor tastes clean and delicious. I also use All Natural Elite Whey post-workout with coconut water and celery/pineapple juice. With some Dymatize Glutamine, its' the absolute best recovery shake!

How has your performance in the gym improved using Dymatize Nutrition's supplements?

Huge results in the gym, but even more in the recovery department. Since I began using Z-Force and Recoup, I've gained more lean muscle in my late 30s than in my late 20s!

Every Friday, my gym here in Miami hosts a 1,000 rep gut-check workout. It includes five movements, often including things like kettlebell swings, deadlifts, push-ups, and pull-up. Trust me: Doing 1,000 reps kicks your ass! I finish at the top or close to it most of the time, and I attribute that to my consistent use of Dymatize Nutrition supplements.

How has being sponsored by Dymatize Nutrition helped your career in the industry?

I've had the joy of people from around the world recognizing me and my affiliation with Dymatize. They know me through the printed ads, the trips to all the major expos and shows, the magazine covers, and other activities where I represent Dymatize. There is a great feeling that comes from being a part of such a world class company. I've also had the pleasure to meet so many people because I am on the team.

It's a pleasure and an honor to educate people on sports nutrition and reach their fitness goals using Dymatize Nutrition products. I'm looking forward to a great year with the team and seeing some new and innovative products enhance my workouts!

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