Fitness 360: Karina Baymiller, Petite Powerhouse--Supplementation

Karina insists on high-quality products with very few fillers or unnatural ingredients. Find out what this sponsored athlete uses and when.

Karina Baymiller is a busy trainer and athlete. Although she follows a clean, healthy nutrition plan, supplements give her an added edge. They're a great addition to her training and nutrition program, but she doesn't rely on them to make her gains and losses for her. "I choose supplements that improve my overall health and my performance in the gym," Karina says.

Supplement Philosophy ///

While she uses supplements to assist her goals, Karina is picky about what's in them. "I only use supplements that have the best, highest-quality ingredients. I don't want my supplements to have fillers or junk I don't need on their ingredient labels." Your personal supplementation is your own, so you choose which ingredients are best suited to your needs and values.

Luckily, Karina is able to find the top-notch supplements she needs. "I use supplements from companies like and Cellucor. I'm a Cellucor athlete and use CF, COR-Performance Beta BCAAS, and COR-Performance Whey every single day. I love them!"

Karina Baymiller's Supplement Program ///
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