Roger Lockridge


Growing up as "the skinny kid", Roger "ROCK" Lockridge vowed to "get bigger and stronger," despite doubt and discouragement by many around him, including high school coaches and even his doctor, who told him that his frail frame is "in his genes and you can't change genetics." Convinced otherwise, Roger persevered, and that commitment and willpower to push himself beyond other's perceived limitations led him to a career in fitness that includes training over 500 people, working at two health food stores, and becoming an accomplished fitness writer whose work has been read around the world - including (where he made his debut), and with Labrada Nutrition.

In 2009, during his first year as a published writer, Roger was named "Male Writer of the Year" - the highest writing award in the bodybuilding/fitness industry - which became the top story on his local news. His "Hardgainer" and "Zero to Hero" beginning bodybuilding programs have received rave reviews and has helped many beginners make transformations to stronger, bigger, and leaner versions of themselves.


  • Male Writer of the Year (2009)
  • "CDV Champion", Children of Domestic Violence (2013)


"No goal is unreachable if your will is unbreakable."

Roger Lockridge