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My bodybuilding experience began October 23rd 1999 at the Midwest States Natural (aka Monster Mash). I had decided to pursue bodybuilding following the death of my father due to metastatic carcinoma (stomach cancer). Having weight trained for years, my dad had always asked if I would ever try bodybuilding. After his passing, my training intensified to help relieve the pain that I felt inside and I knew I had to try bodybuilding to cope with his loss.

At the Monster Mash, I place fifth as a Light Heavyweight and weighed in at a solid 198 lbs. I was very disappointed but I used it as fuel to my fire. I had trained hard and knew I needed to work on my diet before my next show. I planned for my next event to be the Battle of Champions National Qualifier on March 25, 2000...Keep Reading Article #1

Delbert's Web Site:

Name:Delbert E. Hickman
Home: Dayton, Ohio
Height: 5'7 3/4"
Weight: 215 (off season), 185 (contest)
Occupation: Information Systems Manager
Years Bodybuilding: 6
Favorite Exercise: Squats
Favorite Body Parts: Legs, back, shoulders
Favorite Food: Pancakes
Favorite Supplements: Protein, Creatine, Glutamine, HMB, Ginkgo
Favorite Bodybuilders: Frank Zane
Hobbies: Weightlifting (of course!), Husbandry

arrow Competition History:

    1999 NPC Monster Mash - 5th Place Mens Open Lt. Heavyweight
    2000 NPC Battle of Champions - 2nd Place Mens Open Lt. Heavyweight
    2000 NPC Cincinnati BB Championships - 2nd Place Mens Open Lt. Heavyweight
    2000 NPC Indianapolis BB Championships - 3rd Place Mens Open Lt. Heavyweight
    2000 NPC Ohio BB Championships - 4th Place Mens Open Lt. Heavyweight
    2000 NPC All Armed Forces BB Championships - 2nd Place Mens Open Lt. Heavyweight
    2000 NPC Ohio Governor's Cup - 1st Place and Overall Mens Open Middleweight
    2001 NPC Northern Kentucky BB Championships - 1st Place Mens Open Middleweight
    2001 NPC Natural Northern USA BB Championships - 1st Place Mens Open Middleweight
    2001 NPC Jr. USA Championships - 9th Place Mens Open Middleweight
    2001 NPC Natural Ohio BB Championships - 1st Place Mens Open Middleweight
    2001 INBF Mid-American Muscle Classic - 2nd Place Mens open Short
    2001 INBF Eastern USA Championships - 3rd Place Mens Open Middleweight
    2002 INBF Hercules International - 1st Place Middleweight (WNBF Pro Qualification)
    2002 WNBF Pro Natural International
    2003 WNBF Pro Universe
    2004 WNBF Pro Natural American
    2004 WNBF Pro Universe
    2005 WNBF Kansas City Pro - 8th Place Heavyweight
    2006 WNBF U.S.Pro Cup Championships - 3rd Place Middleweight
    2007 WNBF Pro International - 7th Place Lightweight

New Pics!

Latest Pre-Contest Pics!

Pics from the NPC Jr. USA in April!

Newer Pictures:
Most Muscular
Relaxed at Competition
Front Abs
Back Double Biceps at Competition
Front Double Biceps

Older Pictures:
Battle of Champions - March 25, 2000
Mr. Ohio Pic 1 - June 24, 2000
Mr. Ohio Pic 2 - June 24, 2000
NPC Virginia Beach, Va. - September 09, 2000
Governor's Cup - October 14, 2000
Governor's Cup - October 14, 2000

Delbert Hickman
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