Bodybuilding Definition!

As a bodybuilder, you are constantly trying to define yourself. Continually improving on previous definitions of yourself or re-defining areas of a particular interest. Having a complete definition is our goal. We live for it. We strive to have it.

As a bodybuilder, you are constantly trying to define yourself. Continually improving on previous definitions of yourself or re-defining areas of a particular interest. Having a complete definition is our goal. We live for it. We strive to have it. That one extra striation or separation. When we succeed at achieving that definition, we are overwhelmed with a profound sense of accomplishment. Shortly after the experience, we move on to the next defining moment. As we move to define ourselves, we find that there are so many definitions that apply to our "state of mind" at any given moment.

Definition: Same 'ol, same 'ol

We have all experienced the unfortunate feeling of "going through the motions". Sometimes we don't even realize it until several training sessions later. We just walk into the gym with a workout plan in mind, execute that plan, and leave. Problem is that we don't ever re-work that plan or change it. We are in that comfort zone and refuse to give it up. Our minds are programmed and it becomes easy since there is no effort needed to do the exact same thing day in and day out. Finally one day for whatever reason, we decide that we want to "re-define" our workout and, Presto!, a new world is discovered. Truthfully, it has always been there and we just couldn't see it. Although this is okay at times, it can be the beginning of the end if it continues for too long. That "rut" that we will all encounter, sooner or later, is an experience that must be identified and taken care of. Don't let that same 'ol, same 'ol prevent you from reaching new and greater heights!

Definition: Time Traveler

You hit the gym and immediately you begin to feel the pressure that only "time" can apply. You have 45 minutes to finish your routine. The worst part is that you just don't feel like training at all today! Time has you in its reigns and you feel it tugging at you. What can you do? More than you think. Time should not be your enemy. It should be your friend. You can control time better than it can control you. Time controls most of us due to our lack of preparation. With a well established workout plan, you can begin to control time. When you hit the gym, you should know exactly what exercises you plan to do and what body parts you will hit. Next, you MUST focus on training and training only. Don't allow your intensity to be de-railed by those who insist in socializing more than training. Socialize if you have time afterwards. Training intensity is a must and a limited amount of time can prove valuable for ensuring that intensity. So you see, time is your friend. That is, as long as you let it.

Definition: Basic Training

From that first exercise until the last, you feel like you can lift just about anything. You feel that burn and, for some reason, that lactic acid burn is better than sex today. Okay, maybe not that good. You are in that "zone" and you hope it lasts forever. These moments are a sign that what your doing is RIGHT! This should be your training experience most of the time. If not, you need to re-evaluate your diet, recovery period, and training program. I can not stress enough how important your diet is to your ability to making meaningful gains. The correct diet, including drinking plenty of water, can result in accomplishments unrealized. There are so many from which to choose and a one-size-fits-all diet does not exist. Recovery time is required to ensure that a proper amount of intensity can be given each time you train. For instance, exercising one body part per week for most bodybuilders is enough. The reason why is that each body part is trained with maximum intensity. The training intensity is high enough that a week recovery is needed. Also, some primary body parts being trained may invoke some other secondary body parts which makes it more important to rest (i.e. training chest will invoke the anterior deltoid). Remember, never train a muscle that is still sore from a previous workout.

Rest is another important aspect to recovery. Yeah, yeah, that's obvious right? Well, most people still ignore the obvious! Fatigue due to inadequate rest can reduce training intensity significantly. Finally, to be all you can be, you must make a training program work for you. What does that mean? It means designing a training program that interests you, challenges you, takes you to new heights. The program should be based on your goals and priorities and be realistic. For instance, a program that intends to increase a body parts strength by 50 lbs. in 6 weeks may not be very realistic for most. Remember, designing a training program should also consider YOUR goals and not the goals of someone else.

If you have trained long enough, you probably could have or can define yourself in more ways than the ones mentioned above. That's what makes us who we are!

Thanks again for reading and supporting!

"As long as you live, keep learning how to live."
- Seneca


"If you always do what you've always done,
You'll always be where you are now."
- Unknown