BCAA Amino-Gro

BCAA Amino-Gro

Essential Amino Acids
Intra-Workout BCAA Formula
8.0  out of 10  (2 Reviews)
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2 Ratings
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Sep 19, 2017
  • 9 Fruit Fusion

This is the first BCAA product I have used in powder form and prefer it already to tablets. I have read and been told that BCAA's are typically bitter in taste and not very nice to drink but this was brilliant. You get a real burst of energy about 15-20 after drinking and allows you to just keep going at the gym. It has also helped with recovery I have found, whether it has helped me gain size? I'm not sure but if it helps me keep working hard at the gym I'm sure it will help in that way.

Oct 17, 2016
  • 9 Fruit Fusion

Tried this a while back cos I got it for £10. Taste of the fruit fusion is incredible! Probably one of the Best tasting BCAA'S. Far as effects, it helped me take the soreness away quicker. A buddy of mine also gave it a try and he was feeling a lot better in recovery. Overall a good product. Down side of the supplement, the powder is only up to half of the bottle so don't expect it to be right to the top and I did not not see a huge difference in muscle growth.

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