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Ashwagandha, 90 Veg Capsules
8.3 16 Reviews
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Ayurvedic Adaptogen!*
$12.99 ($0.14 / Serving)
Rhodiola, 60 Veg Capsules
9.2 29 Reviews
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$14.99 ($0.25 / Serving)
L-Theanine, 60 Veg Capsules
8.6 3 Reviews
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200mg Dose Per Capsule
$16.99 ($0.28 / Serving)
GABA, 750mg/100 Veg Capsules
8.9 18 Reviews
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Natural Calming Effect!*
$12.99 ($0.13 / Serving)
Relora, 300mg/120 Veg Capsules
7.6 14 Reviews
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Very Effective Product!
$22.61 ($0.19 / Serving)
Panax Ginseng, 250 Capsules
7.6 6 Reviews
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5% Ginsenosides!
$22.99 ($0.18 / Serving)
New Item Ashwagandha KSM-66, 90 V-Caps
With 600 mg of Ashwagandha KSM-66 per serving
$29.99 ($0.33 / Serving)
DOPA Mucuna, 400mg/90 Veg Capsules
8.4 9 Reviews
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100% Vegetarian!
$14.99 ($0.33 / Serving)
Mood Support, 90 Vcaps
9.6 5 Reviews
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With St. John's Wort!
$12.99 ($0.29 / Serving)
Phosphatidyl Serine, 100mg/120 Vcaps
9.9 11 Reviews
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With Choline & Inositol!
$39.99 ($0.33 / Serving)
GABA Pure Powder, 6 Oz.
9.3 14 Reviews
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Natural Calming Effect!*
$14.99 ($0.04 / Serving)
Adrenal Reset, 60 Tablets
CTD Sports
10 3 Reviews
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Rhodiola Tablets To Support Calm*
$20.73 ($0.35 / Serving)
GABA With B6, 500mg/100 Veg Capsules
6.7 7 Reviews
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Natural Calming Effect!
$9.99 ($0.10 / Serving)
5-HTP - High Potency, 200mg/60 Vcaps
8 1 Reviews
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Neurotransmitter Support VCap to Support a Positive Mood*
$22.99 ($0.38 / Serving)
Phenylethylamine, 100 Capsules
LiveLong Nutrition
9.6 3 Reviews
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Powerful Capsule to Support Mood and Focus*
$21.99 ($0.44 / Serving)
5-HTP Time Release, 200mg/30 Tablets
8.7 4 Reviews
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Time Release Amino Acid Tablet to Promote Relaxation and Mood*
$15.90 ($0.53 / Serving)
5-HTP, 180 Veggie Caps
Doctor's Best
10 3 Reviews
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Science Based Nutrition to Help Maintain Mental and Emotional Well-Being*
$23.00 ($0.13 / Serving)
L-Tryptophan, 500mg/120 Vcaps
7.6 13 Reviews
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Vegetarian Product
$28.99 ($0.48 / Serving)
L-Theanine, 90 Vcaps
7.4 9 Reviews
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Calming Antioxidant!
$14.99 ($0.17 / Serving)
Ashwagandha, 180 Veg Capsules
8.3 16 Reviews
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Ayurvedic Adaptogen!*
$39.00 ($0.22 / Serving)
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Introduction To stress reduction


Lift Your Spirit And Fight Stress*

Not only does stress make you vulnerable to sickness, interfere with healthy sleep, and inhibit concentration, but it also can get in the way of our fitness goals. Increased stress can inhibit your body's ability to lose fat and build muscle efficiently.

While lifestyle decisions are some of the most important steps you can take to minimize stress in your life, they're easier said than done. Stress reduction products can help during those times when you have to suck it up and stick it out.*

By combining a mix of useful vitamins, minerals, and extracts, stress reduction products are designed to lift your body's spirit so you can take on the day, every day.*


Don't Be A Worrywart*

When you're stressed out, your body's immune system can really take a beating. This means your body can become at risk on multiple levels - defense against disease, fat metabolism, muscle repair, and mental health. Fortunately, we have tons of quality ingredients in our stress reduction products you can use, such as:

  • Rhodiola - can help to fight feelings of anxiety in the body, support an elevated mood, and provide a solid platform so you can handle your busy lifestyle.*
  • Ginseng - positively supports immune system function, mood, and energy levels.* If you feel tired and drained while under stress, this is the product for you.*

You're Never Too Busy To Beat Stress*

If you're uncertain about whether a stress reducer is for you, simply ask yourself how often you experience stress on a day to day basis. Many of us don't realize just how much stress we have. Bills, work, chores, time, sleep, and fitness put stress on our body, and letting stress walk all over you is a quick road to poor health.

Remember, a busy lifestyle doesn't necessarily have to be stressful! Stress reduction products are there to support you living your life to the fullest and keeping your head above water during the tough times.*

Anyone who deals with stress can use a stress reduction product, so relax and try one out!

Successful Stress Reduction*

Commonly, stress reduction products are taken one to three times daily as needed or for stress preventative reasons. However with any stress reduction product, always be sure to read the package instructions since most stress reduction products are uniquely designed to help you ward off stress!

Try one out and keep up with your busy lifestyle!