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Hesh 2, Kolohe w/ Mic

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The Next Generation in Design & Sound

What do you do when you have created one of the most iconic over-ear headphones on the planet? You make it better.

This is the case with Skullcandy’s original headphone, the Hesh. The product was beloved for its huge cans, thumping bass, and having a large canvas for Skullcandy’s original artwork.

“The original Hesh was a factory design that we chose because of its powerful performance and cool textile headband. Unfortunately, it was not engineered to take the abuse that our young consumer was putting on it,” says Pete Kelly, Director of Skullcandy ID Production. The challenge was to take something that wasn’t broken and make it better without getting rid of what makes the original Hesh so epic.

Automotive design has been the main inspiration for Skullcandy and the production team. “We geek out on design… If you’ve ever found yourself examining and appreciating a product long after you’ve owned it, discovering new aspects that make you glad you own it… that’s what inspires us,” says Pete. The new Hesh 2 didn’t just get a makeover. The main focus was to create Supreme Sound, Skullcandy’s new tagline. Supreme Sound encompasses three major factors: Acoustics, Design, and Condition.

The Hesh 2 acoustic elements are: Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals, and Precision Highs. Together, these fundamental elements make up the most important component of audio quality. The Hesh 2 meets the Supreme Sound challenge and creates a perfect tonal balance of sound while looking extremely cool at the same time. “The original Hesh was powerful but didn’t quite achieve our new Supreme Sound standard… the primary goal (of Hesh 2). The headband on Hesh 2 has a metal understructure which makes it more bullet proof than the original Hesh. The headband is also where you will notice how refined and dynamic the update is,” Kelly points out.

All in all, Skullcandy has developed a better product for its consumer and upped the game across price point, audio, design, and the industry as a whole. Don’t take our word for it, buy a pair for yourself and test them out.

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I use these for my full workout, and they are perfect. Not having any wires dangling and getting caught on everything is great, the sound is excellent, they are comfortable, and even after working up a real sweat, you just wipe them off and they are fine. When I change positions, I just set them farther forward or back to keep them from slipping.

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Really great sound quality, especially for the price. Causes the ears to sweat a decent amount, but that is to be expected. Again, for the money cannot beat the quality.

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These headphones will make your ears sweat bad. I used this item once and tossed it back in the box. Do not buy if your hardcore at the gym:(

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I love these headphones. Great bass and good sound all around. the double detachable cord really serves no purpose in my opinion but it can be convenient.

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Price: $36.75 ( / Serving)
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