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A Convenient, Do-It-Yourself, Painless, Embarrassment-Free, Solution To Back Hair!
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Product Overview

Let's face it, back hair isn't attractive. For men there is no easy way to rid yourself of back hair until now. The Razorba® (pronounced ray-zor-buh) is a convenient, do-it-yourself, painless, embarrassment-free, solution to back hair. 100% guaranteed!

The Razorba® is a razor handle wand that holds your favorite razor, ergonomically designed and tested by men with back hair. It solves the problem of back hair by letting you shave it at your convenience, any time you need it. Works with any standard razors. It's quick and easy to insert or remove a razor. To use, simply insert a razor into the Razorba®, apply shaving cream and shave. And the Razorba® really works.

Made from the same material as ski helmets-high impact ABS plastic. The Razorba® was tirelessly developed to allow easy shaving of your back. With the Razorba® you get:

  • Fast & Convenient back hair shaving
  • Do it yourself!
  • No Pain
  • No Embarrassment
  • Problem Solved

The Razorba is the world's first, most popular, and best selling shaving product for back hair. Simply put, it really works. This award winning revolutionary product has been featured in Maxim Magazine, USA Today, Stuff Magazine, MTV, Chicago Tribune and many other newspapers, magazines and television shows around the world. Designed by engineers.

Will shaving my back hair cause it to grow back longer, thicker or darker?

No. This is a common myth. If a hair is not cut at a 90 degree angle, the tip may appear wider than the hair shaft. This illusion has fueled the myth. In reality, hair will be the same thickness as before and will not grow in longer, thicker or darker. If this was the case bald men would regularly shave their heads to gain longer and thicker hair. Read what the Mayo Clinic says about shaving here.

Which brand of razor works in the Razorba®?

Use your favorite brand of razor or disposable. The most popular among Razorba users is the Gillette Fusion, and Gillette M3 Power. Look for a double-blade razor with moisture strip for best results. You can easily insert and remove a razor from the Razorba.

How can I apply shaving cream to my back?

Use your hand and apply the cream or get the Razorba® Stud Stamper® applicator brush attachment from the order page.

Why not battery operated?

You can do electric shaving with your Razorba War Hammer or Razorba Silencer and a Gillette M3 Power. A few years ago there was a spate of battery operated body shavers, that are no longer available. The problem with these cheaply made electrics is they break easily, have no warranty, and are not effective. Many are even disposable in nature because you can't replace the blade or foil! In any shaver, the blade and foil WILL wear out. The underlining problem is to make a Braun or Remington quality electric requires years of development and an eight figure plus R&D budget. The shortcut is to have a battery operated, generic, barely functioning, cheap, electric produced overseas. Creating a cheap battery operated shaver is not a big deal. Even the best razors with disposable blades, such as the Gillette Fusion, and Gillette M3 Power are battery operated.

We decided on developing the finest quality shaver for the back. The Razorba used with a Gillette Mach 3 represents over $1 billion in research and development. The electrics can't compete with a Razorba and a Gillette razor.

Why is back hair neglected?

The problem for men is we can't reach the hair! So we either beg our partner to help us, walk the trail of tears to the waxing salon, or pretend the problem will go away.

Which Razorba should I chose?

We highly recommend the Razorba® War Hammer™ with a Fusion razor.


Combine the accessibility of reaching your own back, convenience of anytime & anywhere, with the best method of back hair removal–shaving and the solution is the Razorba.

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Jan 24, 2011

I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used the Razorba Silencer. I followed the directions by showering then applying shave gel to my back, then shaved. I'll have to get used to shaving parts of my back with my left hand, and, while I was shaving this morning, I noticed that I missed some spots on my left shoulder, but I can get those with another shaver. I'm glad that I didn't spend more for the War Hammer. I'm pleased with what I bought.

Nov 14, 2010

This is an awkward product, but I haven't found anything better to shave my own back. You need to use this with a disposable razor that has a straight handle, nothing fancy, as the better razors won't fit in the base. Also imperative is that you buy the "stud stamper" accessory to apply the shaving soap, otherwise you'll still need to enlist someone else's help lathering your back up, which defeats the purpose of this do it yourself item. Anyway, this is tricky, but with some practice, it does work for the most part (easy to leave tiny patches). This is not a fast activity- it probably takes 15 minutes to shave my back with this. Still, I have to recommend as there is no better product and I've looked!

Mar 11, 2010

The Razorba Silencer is awesome. Of course I was skeptical at first, but once I got it, and became comfortable with using it, which took about 10 minutes, it worked great. Been recruiting girlfriends to shave my back for years, which can be a bit odd at first. Now I don't have to.....Right on Razorba......

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