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Full 30-Day Cycle!*
Help Support Rest & Recovery!*
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Product Overview


  • Clinically Researched Ingredients*
  • Deep Sleep Agents*
  • Supports Rest & Recovery*
  • Promotes Healthy Sleeping Patterns*
  • Full 30-Day Cycle*


You won't get the growth you deserve without a good night of rest! GH FREAK is a cutting-edge Growth Hybrid Sleep Supplement and is formulated to promote healthy sleeping patterns and greater rest and recovery!*


  • Clinically Researched Ingredients!*
  • Promotes Healthy Sleeping Patterns!*
  • Supports Rest & Recovery!*
  • Full 30-Day Program

Key Ingredients in the GH FREAK™ Formula

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid)
GABA (Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid) is a neurotransmitter that helps nerve impulses communicate.* In the central nervous system, GABA is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter and is known to exert sedative effects.* GABA is also involved in regular healthy hormone production in the body.*

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands. As individuals age, DHEA levels decrease. DHEA supplementation has been shown to support healthy DHEA levels in the body.*

5-HTP (5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan)
5-HTP is the intermediate metabolite between L-tryptophan and serotonin. 5-HTP can cross the blood-brain barrier and increase central nervous system (CNS) synthesis of serotonin.* Healthy serotonin levels are associated with deep, restful sleep.*

L-THEANINE (5-N-ethyl-glutamine)
L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in tea and is often used to help reduce occasional stress.* Research shows that L-theanine can promote healthy alpha-wave production in the brain, which is known to have relaxing effects.

MELATONIN (N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally by the body in the pineal gland of the brain. The release of melatonin correlates with the body's cycle of day and night, with the highest levels of melatonin produced at night. Melatonin can help regulate the sleep cycle, and healthy melatonin levels are known to be important to restful sleep and recovery.*

NIACIN (3-Pyridinecarboxylic acid, Nicotinic Acid)
Niacin is an essential B vitamin and is a factor in the maintenance of good health.*


Take 3-5 capsules at or before bedtime, with 8 ounces of water.


Yes. GH FREAK can be stacked with other supplements. Many are now stacking GH FREAK™ with TEST FREAK and/or ANABOLIC FREAK ® for a potent muscle-building stack!

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53 Ratings
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15 Ratings
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Jun 26, 2016

Most noticeable difference this product made was in the quality of my sleep. I did not wake up as often and my dreams seemed to be longer and more vivid. Definitely left me more well rested. Only criticism is that I wish it would help me more in getting to sleep as I did not notice much improvement there. Overall though, a great supplement.

Jun 16, 2016

Excellent sleep aid. Worked from day one. I weigh 195lbs and 4 pills was my sweet spot!

Jun 13, 2016

Great product for recuperation purposes. I felt more relaxed overall during the days. helped me on reducing body fat since I always go by the mirror and the mirror never lies. For some reason GH Freak did not left me sleepy and it's advertise but it make me more awake and that's why I used first thing in the morning. Other than that a great representation of the evolution of science in sport supplementation. I recommend it for everyone looking to improve in some of the facts I mentioned.

Nov 30, 2015

I used this product in the 3 pill dose in order for it to last longer, and it was a great dosage as other reviewers have pointed out. I suspect the heavier you are the more pills you would need, but 180lbs and 3 pills worked for me. I slept completely through the nights but without the lucid dreams other sleep products I've tried out in the past have given me. Woke up with energy and refreshed, ready for the day. I didn't experience any off effects or crashes either. Gym performance was negligible, mostly because I was not trying for PR's or anything, just experimenting with different programs. I suspect it would increase with the solid sleep I was getting if I measured it. Takes a few days to really kick in but I thought this is way better than the standard ZMA pills.

Nov 02, 2015

I took 5 pills (the maximum dose) 5 minutes before laying down to go to sleep. These were my results: -felt warm, and couldn’t get comfortable. Finally fell asleep, probably after 15 min. -woke up 3 times throughout the night, groggy -woke up in the morning to my alarm, extremely groggy -no dreams Initial reaction was that the maximum dose did the opposite of what I wanted it to do. Energy- During the day I felt normal, not amazing, but not terrible. My sleep- very poor, the maximum dose did not work for me. I took 4 pills: -fell asleep normally -woke up once in the middle of the night, but I was really out of it to the point where it might as well have been a dream. Weird. -Woke up groggier than usual -I snapped back into being awake pretty quickly and felt fine. Energy- Felt above average energy levels Recovery- was not as sore as usual My sleep- average. Not terrible, but not improved. I took 3 pills (the minimum dose) right before bed: -fell asleep pretty quickly -stayed asleep the whole night -woke up normally, normal grogginess of the average person waking up. -this dose felt better, and didn’t affect me negatively at all. No real change, but I was able to sleep the whole night -no dreams that I can remember -7 hours of sleep total Energy- felt good. Positive mood, and woke up a lot faster to the morning. My sleep- good night sleep, not perfect but better than my average. Overall I really enjoyed GH Freak when using the 3 pill dose. I saw a large improvement in my sleep and got a much deeper sleep than usual. I can say that it took about a week for my body to accept and adapt to all of the ingredients, to see the best results. Over this past month, I have broken every PR. Increasing my bench from 245 to 255, my squat from 315 to 335 and my deadlift from 415 to 465. I saw a great increase in strength and recovery while using this product.

Sep 07, 2015

This is one of the first times actually taking a supp to help me sleep. I recently had been having trouble sleeping throughout the night. Always kept waking up all hours of the night. While taking this, I do not find myself waking up throughout the night at all. When waking up, I feel very refreshed and ready to start the day! This would be a great product for anyone who has trouble staying asleep. Give it a shot!

Jul 29, 2015

First of all, a huge shout out and thanks to This product was accidentally put with my order. I called and offered to ship it back but they let me have it for free. As far as the product itself, using the full dosage made for some awesome sleep. I work a lot of hours and sometimes only get 5 to 6 hours of sleep. This product made me feel like I got 8 or 9. I always woke up feeling refreshed.

Jun 10, 2015
No written review.
May 27, 2015

Sleep was amazing, this is truly a solid sleep product! With Melatonin, GABA, DHEA, 5-HTP... This product is amazing! A high quality and effective sleep product! The pills are very easy to swallow, and are truly a tasteless capsule. No taste when you swallow, and no after taste. A+ Product!

Mar 23, 2015

Used this just for the sleep benefits. For me personally, it was hit or miss. some nights I could tell it knocked me out and I slept great. but other nights it didn't help. Beyond great sleep, vivid dreaming I did not notice anything significant training wise.

Mar 02, 2015
Verified Buyer

Noticed the affects across my upper body with in 2-3 days of initially taking GH along with zma

Feb 08, 2015

Solid sleeper here courtesy of GH Freak, I started sleeping great from day one, before I used it I felt like I had to use 4-5 capsules and I did it for a month, the second bottle I used later in the year I only used 3 capsules, and got maximum benefit in that run, a few days I did increase it and only felt as groggy as I did the last run, then reverted immediately. Rest assured I felt great the next day, as the holiday season you are multitastking and likely more stressed out, I was not I was refreshed the vry next day did not get up to go to the bathroom. If you are much older you might have to do 4-5 but adjust as you see fit, for me 3 (the minimum was excellent and some people also logging it with me reported the same). The ingredient profile is legit, Gaba, melatonin et al all work synergistically. I recommend if you do go with 4 caps set your alarm clock, there was an adjustment period to get used to the aforementioned fogginess after getting up, with three capsules the fogginess was gone. The vivid dreams were quite strong depending on your mood also interesting as well, which is to say how effective the zzz's gaba are at giving you sound sleep. Even back when I did not use sleep supps in my teens and later I found the more dreams you had the better rested you were, well the vivid dreams are an indication it is working as directed. This also means you get to it at the gym and your body responds in kind-your mind is focused and you are alert and sharp. Second time I stacked it with Test Freak and I would suggest stacking it with it as well for maxed out benefits. Because Ive used a couple sleep products I can say now GH Freak is my go to and favorite product out of the PF line without a doubt. Thanks TeamBarbarian & team #Freakmode for letting me log and report back.

Jan 11, 2015

I really enjoyed this product! I had been having ALOT of trouble sleeping prior to using this product because I work permanent night shifts. I was able to get back I track with my sleep pattern, and get back on a regular gym routine. I felt stronger and had 10x better workouts than without this product. I have been using gh freak ever since and suggested to weightlifting friends who work night shift with me!

Jan 06, 2015

GH Freak really worked well for me. A daily does provides Gaba, DHEA, 5-HTP, L-Theanine, and Melatonin. Since taking GH Freak my sleep has been AMAZING, definitely noticed that I was sleeping longer and deeper than usual, only waking up once per night to **** when I usually do 2-3 times! Building muscle and strength is done when your body is resting and recovering and GH Freak allows exactly that for you to get better sleep and recovery while your body is in a deep sleep. Amazing product!!!

Jan 06, 2015

Before taking this product I had tried a lot of over the counter products, but I have found that this one works the best in getting me to sleep at night. I had undisturbed sleeps and woke up feeling great and ready to go! Definitely felt a deeper slept than just with Melatonin alone. About 30 minutes after taking the pills I could feel them start to kick in. I noticed better muscular definition after I finished and didn't lose any gains after. I love it. I don't even get up to urinate. I will definitely buy this product again and will recommend this to others.

120 Capsules
120 Capsules
40 Servings | $1.37 Per Serving

What's in PharmaFreak GH Freak

120 Capsules
Serving Size: 3-5 capsules
Servings Per Container: 40-24
Amount Per 3 Capsules % Daily Value
Niacin (as Nicotinic Acid) 6 mg 30%
GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) 1.8 g *
DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) 60 mg *
5-HTP (5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan) 60 mg *
L-Theanine (5-N-ethyl-glutamine) 15 mg *
Melatonin (N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) 3 mg *
* Daily values not established.
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate

Directions For GH Freak: As a dietary supplement, adults take 3-5 capsules at or before bedtime.

Warnings: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18. Consult your physician or health care professional before using this product if you have, or have a family history of, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, heart disease or low “good” cholesterol (HDL): or if you are using any other dietary supplement, prescription drug or over-the-counter drug. Do not exceed recommended serving. Exceeding recommended serving may cause serious adverse health effects, including, but not limited to, acne, hair loss, hair growth on the face (in women), aggressiveness and irritability. Discontinue use and call a medical doctor immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, blurred vision, or similar symptoms. Consult your physician (medical doctor) before use if you are under medical supervision or if you are using any other dietary supplement, prescription drug or over-the-counter drug. Consult your physician before use if you have an auto-immune condition, depressive disorder, or if you are taking sedatives or corticosteroid drugs. This product may cause drowsiness. Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery after consuming this product. Do not use in conjunction with alcohol. Consult your physician prior to use if you are taking carbidopa or drugs/supplements with serotonergic activity. These may include, but are not limited to, L-tryptophan, S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), St. John's wort, ntidepressants, pain killers, over-the-counter cough and cold medication containing dextromethorphan, anti-nausea medication and anti-migraine medication. Discontinue use and consult your physician if you show signs of weakness, oral ulcers, or abdominal pain accompanied by severe muscle pain or if you experience skin changes. Store in a cool, dry place under normal conditions.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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