Optimum Protein Bars
Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Protein Bars

Contains 24g protein per serving to support muscle growth & recovery
Heat-stable in boiling water and at cooking temperature to add to hot beverages and foods
10  out of 10  (1 Reviews)
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Optimum Protein Bars
Overall Rating
1 Ratings
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May 23, 2019
  • 10 Chocolate Caramel

I have tried many protein bars over the past couple of year including Grenade, PHD, Maximuscle and Optimum Nutrition and would consider myself a regular user. Many of these I have enjoyed although one negative in general has been with stomach discomfort and bloating. This hasn’t been any one bar in particular but from my research down to the higher fibre ingredients used to keep the sugars low in many protein bars. This bar however is low in sugar but I have managed to tolerate it much better than all the others. In fact no discomfort from eating 2 bars in the same day which I wouldn’t have found possible with Grenade for example. In terms of the taste and texture, it is extremely soft for a Protein bar and unlike anything I have experienced before. It litteratally broke in 2 with little effort when I took a picture of it. This Rocky Road flavour I tried has different crispy pieces in side and a liquid layer that has a Raspberry taste. Very pleasant indeed and not too sweet. The nutrition profile is as good as many other with the protein blend including generally better quality ingredients like whey protein isolate. 20g protein and just 1.5g of sugar per bar. Overall an exceptional product the only 4 star I have given was value, as at the time of purchase 10 bars where £24.99 versus others which are lower. However the ease of digestion is worth the extra for me and with the soft texture they really do taste like a treat! I’ll definitely be trying the other flavours next.

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