Berserker V2 Amino
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Berserker V2 Amino

State of the Art, Stimulant-Free Intra-Workout
High Quality Food Supplement
7.0  out of 10  (1 Reviews)
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Aug 20, 2018
Verified Buyer
  • 4 Blood Orange

Got this product because it was buy one get one free and I also wanted an amino drink that had more to offer than just BCAA something that could be used both intra and to sip on through the day for example to combine my creatine with. Because of that, taste was somewhat important and for me blood orange tastes like an out of date old artificial orange juice drink that you'd find at a dodgy corner shop. Not horrendous but it's not great, Active ingredients seem good however the product is fairly expensive for what it is in my opinion, I've also noticed there is no sort of bcaa "froth" that you normally get which makes me question the quality / content of the aminos the product is supposed to contain. Caffeine free is also a positive. I'll be trying something else once I've used up my supply

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