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free shipping Star XL Massage Tool
Designed for those with larger hands and features 3 applications: the Wedge, the Wide, the Narrow.
free shipping Massage Roller
Point Relief
Ergonomic shape allows for gentle surface or deep tissue massage
free shipping Orbital Massager
Jeanie Rub
Penetrating massage through a hand-held electric device for a consistent and relaxing massage of the shoulders, thighs and other areas
free shipping Percussion Massager, Pair
Soft ball Bongers tool provides an invigorating percussion with adjustable straps for better reachability, reduced hand fatigue and improved grip
free shipping Multiroll Functional Roller, 18 In X 8 In
Versatile multi-functional air filled roll for functional training
free shipping Actiroll Spiked Massage Roller, Short - 12 In X 5 In
Air filled roll for self-massage & muscle relaxation
free shipping Actiball Massager, 4"
Air-filled massage tool
free shipping Foot Massager
Point Relief
Hand held massage tool for clinic or at home use
Polar Foot Roller, Blue
Ergonomic Foot Massager
free shipping AcuRoll Heatable Massage Roll
Pro-Tec Athletics
Heatable deep tissue acupressure roller
free shipping 3.0I Massage Tool
Large ice surface under the tool provides highly effective cyro-therapy.
free shipping Body Roll , 2 Pack - 5.1" X 2.4"
Provides an effective way to massage the entire body
Save 20% Restore Hot & Cold Neck Cradle
Hot & cold neck massager to reduce stress and release tension
free shipping Massager, Firm
Great for mild to moderate pressure in a massage
free shipping Massage Ball, 1 Dozen - 7 cm (2.8 Inches)
Hand held massage rolls are used to help achieve muscle and tension release for all parts of the body
free shipping liv Essential Handheld Percussive Deep Tissue Massager, Black/White
Compact percussive massager releases soreness, tension, activates muscles*
free shipping Orb Extreme Mini
Pro-Tec Athletics
Single Point Massage Ball with multi-directional roll
free shipping Massage Bar, 18"
Point Relief
Massage bar with padded handles and 2 spiky balls that rotate freely
free shipping 7.0 Massage Tool
Utilizes it’s own weight to provide pressure during your treatments which saves your thumbs, wrists and elbows from fatigue and injury
free shipping G3 Premium Handheld Percussive Deep Tissue Massager with Travel Case, Black
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Premium, quiet percussive massager releases tension, soreness & pain*
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