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Introduction To Manganese


Boost Brain And Bone Health*

Manganese is an essential trace mineral that's so useful that failing to get your manganese through eating proper foods or by supplementation is ludicrous. The most common food sources for manganese include leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, kidney beans, pineapple, brown rice, and oats. Some of the major areas manganese can support include:

  • Skin, bone, and joint health*
  • Brain and nervous system function*
  • Mitochondrial energy production*
  • Nutrient absorption*


Don't Ignore Functional Support

Manganese's ability to boost the absorption of choline, thiamine, and ascorbic acid in the body is hard to ignore.* Manganese also supports the utilization of carbs, proteins, and fat in the body.* The second big benefit that manganese can provide is supporting bone, skin, cartilage, and collagen production.*

Manganese is found in the cellular mitochondrion, and has a role to play in energy production. Proper cellular mitochondrion function is essential for energy production, and manganese can provide mitochondrial support by activating the superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzyme.* Manganese is also useful for promoting brain and nerve function, which is critical for anyone trying to maintain a high level of athletic performance.*

For The Pro And Average Joe

Anyone looking to add to their workouts or support brain, bone, nervous system, or skin health can benefit from manganese.* Manganese role in energy production can prove useful for the gym or for keeping you going at work.*

Manganese deficiency can also result in negative side effects, so make sure your health is fortified! Few supplements are as versatile and multi-functional as manganese, and its role in primary health functions should not be ignored.*

Whether you are a pro-athlete or an average Joe, supplementing your fitness goals with manganese is a worthwhile option.

Get Your Dosage Dialed

The recommended dosage amount for manganese is 2 mg per day. However, dosages are not considered toxic below 11mg per day. This means there is plenty of leeway to optimize your manganese supplementation based on your fitness demands.