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Kick-Start Your Energy Stores*

The Kola nut comes from the cola acuminata – an evergreen tree of about 20 meters in height that has long leaves with a leathery texture.

Kola nuts are produced worldwide, and are extremely popular due to their high caffeine content. Kola nuts and kola extract are used in the manufacture of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, candy and nutritional supplements.

Kola nut has a bitter taste, and is a source of antioxidants. It also contains small amounts of theobromine, d-catechin, l-epicatechin, kolatin, phlobaphens, betaine, and protein.

If recharging your energy levels is what you're looking for, read on and find out more about kola nut!


Combat Cravings*

Kola extract is a popular ingredient in fat-loss supplements, and is thought to encourage focus, combat hunger cravings, promote healthy digestion, and act as a healthy water-loss supplement.*

Read on and see if kola nut is something you can use in your fitness routine!

Get Dry With A Natural Diuretic*

Because kola nut is not essential, it is not required for proper health.

However, kola nut has long been used by those looking to lose weight and maintain energy levels. Its role as a water-loss agent, hunger fighter, and energy promoter makes it ideal for anyone who wants to attack their fat effectively.*

Due to kola nut's caffeine content, athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike have used it to give them a boost when they need it most.*

If you're looking to kick-start your energy or turn up the fat-burn, then read on and find out how to use kola nut for results!

Put Hunger Pains At Bay*

Kola nut products can vary, so make sure to always follow package recommendations for the best and safest results.

If you have any preexisting health conditions, consult a physician before using kola nut.

Pick up some kola nut and blast your fitness goals today!