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Next Level Of Hydration In Sports Nutrition
Designed With A Unique Combination Of Fruit, Vegetable And Herb Extracts And Concentrates
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Product Overview


Hydra-Charge is a powerhouse of flavor packed with nutrients, allowing for FULL customization of your Pre-, Intra-, or Post-workout stacks. The custom flavoring system of Hydra-Charge supports hydration and the body’s natural defenses before, during and after intense training.* HYDRA-CHARGE contains five essential electrolytes from tender coconut water and is combined with SPECTRA™, scientifically balanced to support antioxidant potential.*


SPECTRA™ is a new dawn in our understanding of how fruits, vegetables and herbs positively interact and influence physiological functions in the human body.

  • Unique combination of fruit, vegetable and herb extracts and concentrates
  • Clinically researched free radical Targeting



Taurine is an amino acid that supports neurological development and helps regulate the level of water and mineral salts in the blood.*

Scientists have discovered that taurine levels in muscle cells are critical for muscle force and strength. That means keeping muscular taurine levels high during workouts is essential for maintaining strength.*

Taurine’s positive effects on fatigue may be due to its antioxidant properties, which can reduce muscle fatigue during exercise.* In addition, taurine can aid muscle size by drawing more fluid into muscle cells.


Ingested Taurine is absorbed and distributed throughout the intracellular space*

  • Positively affects osmolarity > expansion and maintenance of fluid volume (i.e. hyperhydration)*


  • helps body to facilitate hydration for extended periods of activity*
  • excel in environmental heat and humidity*


  • hydrated muscles help give you more full, pumped look*
  • Levels shown to accentuate ‘pump’ response after 8-15 repetitions*









Each product is third party tested for purity and potency.

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating
233 Ratings
Verified Buyer Rating
165 Ratings
Average Flavor Rating
3 Flavors
Top Rated Flavor
Fruit Punch
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Oct 17, 2018
Verified Buyer
  • 10 Orange Mango

I thought this was a pre work out. It’s not anything like that. I feel more sleepy than usual and just tasted good.

Sep 29, 2018
Verified Buyer
  • 10 Apple Limeade
  • 8 Orange Mango
  • 10 Fruit Punch
Sep 06, 2018
  • 10 Orange Mango

My job has me working outside so I was looking for a product to help keep me hydrated. It tastes great but I feel that's all this product really does. I still like to use it to add flavor to my water but as for effectiveness it claims to deliver I dont see a difference.

Aug 20, 2018
  • 10 Orange Mango

I love this product. I work outdoors to I feel really dehydrated if I’m not keeping up on my h2o intake. This stuff really helps me feel better during the long days. I also take this with unflavored bcaa to help with maximum absorption.

Aug 07, 2018
Verified Buyer
  • 7 Orange Mango
  • 10 Fruit Punch

I was surprised how much I liked the fruit punch flavor. The orange mango flavor is really good too. The Apple limeade was too sweet for me. It tasted more like a jolly rancher.

Aug 01, 2018
Verified Buyer
  • 10 Fruit Punch

Best way to get that gallon plus of water in!! Always make sure I have plenty of tubs!! Amazing taste!!

Jul 27, 2018

didn't notice what this supplement does. I read reviews and directions and nothing really noticeable

Jul 23, 2018
Verified Buyer
  • 10 Apple Limeade

I love this flavor it’s my favorite

Jul 21, 2018
Verified Buyer
  • 9 Apple Limeade
  • 9 Orange Mango
  • 10 Fruit Punch

I think hydra charge is great and a great addition to anyone’s diet. With all the benefits you get from drinking it and taste great. I like the fruit punch the best but orange and apple are both very good as well

Jul 12, 2018
Verified Buyer
  • 10 Orange Mango

This stuff is AMAZING! If i could give this flavor a 20 I would! SO delicious and definitely can feel a difference in my hydration. Especially is AZ! GET THIS.

May 17, 2018
Verified Buyer
  • 5 Apple Limeade
  • 7 Fruit Punch
  • 8 Orange Mango

really good stuff to drink and keep you hydrated. the fruit punch and orange mango taste pretty good but stay away from the apple(tastes terrible)

May 01, 2018
Verified Buyer
  • 10 Orange Mango

OOOOOH MAN! the Orange Mango flavor is the best, I started with the apple limeade which is great, but this one is just too much, I love it. I find it easier to stay hydrated through out the day, and now if I don't drink fluids for about 20 30 minutes I get thirsty, where as before I was always dehydrated I never noticed I was thirsty.

Apr 30, 2018
Verified Buyer

I absolutely love this product. The flavor is super yummy and easy to sip all day. I live in desert region so staying hydrated is a must. Love this product.

Apr 24, 2018
Verified Buyer

This product has a nasty after taste. I sure hope it was just my tub.. Would recommend apple or fruit punch for anyone instead.

Apr 13, 2018
  • 9 Fruit Punch

this sup is really good , it keeps me hydrated because I sweat a lot in the gym n I really needed something to keep me hydrated... I can see even small child drinking this supp .. 1st time using this supp n really love it n love KAGED MUSCLE supps .

282 Grams
282 Grams
60 Servings | $0.40 Per Serving

What's in Kaged Muscle Hydra-Charge

282 Grams Apple Limeade
Serving Size: 4.8g (approximately 1 scoop)
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 10       
Total Carbohydrate 2 g 1%†
Calcium 37 mg 4%†
Phosphorus 37 mg 4%†
Magnesium 15 mg 4%†
Sodium 115 mg 5%†
Potassium 80 mg 2%†
Taurine 1g
Coconut Water Powder 500mg
SPECTRA™ Total ORAC Blend 100mg
Consisting of green coffee extract, green tea extract, broccoli sprout concentrate, onion extract, apple extract, acerola extract, camu camu concentrate, quercetin, tomato concentrate, broccoli concentrate, acai concentrate, basil concentrate, cinnamon concentrate, garlic concentrate, oregano concentrate, turmeric extract, carrot concentrate, elderberry concentrate, mangosteen concentrate, blackberry concentrate, blackcurrant extract, blueberry extract, chokeberry concentrate, raspberry concentrate, sweet cherry concentrate, spinach concentrate, kale concentrate, bilberry extract, brussels sprout concentrate
† Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
‡ Daily value not established.
Other Ingredients:
Citric acid, natural flavors, sodium citrate, potassium phosphate, calcium citrate, silicon dioxide, magnesium citrate, beet root extract, stevia, sucralose, calcium silicate.
Contains: Tree nuts (coconut)
SPECTRA™ is a registered trademark of VDF Futureceuticals, Inc.

Directions For Hydra-Charge: As an electrolyte supplement, mix 1 scoop in 10 - 14 ounces of water along with your favorite Kaged Muscle™ Supplements as a natural flavor enhancer. 

Warnings: Consult your physician prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, under 18 years of age, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Immediately discontinue use and contact your physician if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children. Exposure to moisture or heat may cause powder to clump or harden. Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight, humidity and high temperatures. Replace lid securely after each use. This product contains a silica gel pack. Do Not Eat. Contents may settle during shipping. Sold by weight, not volume.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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