IMTUG Two Finger Utility Gripper

IMTUG Two Finger Utility Gripper , #5 Hard

Two Finger Utility Gripper for Enhancing Finger Strength!
Lets You Target Your Training, Focusing On One Finger or Two Fingers At A Time!
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Product Overview

Target your training: focus on one or two fingers at a time:

  • Pinch or crush—your choice—one or two fingers at a time
  • Proprietary GR8™ springs: precise, durable, good-looking
  • Precision manufacturing for world-class performance, feel, and appearance
  • Ergonomic handles for reduced pressure on soft tissue of hands
  • Perfect—and portable—way to train your thumb
  • Made in the USA by IronMind, the leader in grip strength training tools worldwide

Your fingers differ in length and strength so you use a different strength IMTUG depending on which fingers you are targeting:

  • An easier IMTUG for pinch gripping with thumb and index finger
  • A moderate IMTUG, used upside down for training the ring and pinky fingers
  • A harder IMTUG, used right side up for training the middle and index fingers

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Price: $15.43  ( / Serving)
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