HumanX Competition X4 Speed Rope

HumanX Competition X4 Speed Rope, 10 feet

Nylon Coated Steel Cable
Engineered For Speed, Designed For Control
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Product Overview

Harbinger Fitness

Engineered for speed, designed for control -- the X4 will make a difference in the way you jump! Our exclusive Triple Axis Dual Bearing Spin Mechanism accelerates the cable throughout rotation for a consistent, smooth and fast swing. The ergonomically-designed 6in handles have tactified rubber grips that feel great and eliminate slippage. Precision die-cast aluminum heads add just the right amount of weight for enhanced control while jumping. Allen wrench for length adjustment included and replacement kits available.

Cable will scuff on concrete.

  • 10ft Nylon Coated Steel Cable
  • Triple Axis Dual Bearing Spining Mechanism accelerates cable throughout rotation
  • Ergonomically designed 6in handles

How to adjust rope:

To evaluate your jump rope length, loop the rope around one foot and pull the handles level to your armpit. If the rope extends past your armpit It should be shortened. Use allen wrench (included) to loosen allen screw and remove Delrin ball(don’t remove screw.) use wire cutters to cut cable to length. Replace Delrin Ball, then tighten to secure allen screw in position. Measure twice – cut once.

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Really awesome jumprope, but it broke only after a few months of use.

Verified Buyer

Very durable and great speed rope to practice double under's. My rope of choice as I begin my CrossFit journey.


This rope is really fast, it's handle is long which facilitates wrist movement allowing you to preserve more energy. The downside is that sometimes the Delrin balls hurt a lot by whipping your hand if break your jumping sequence. The same goes for the Nylon Coated Steel Cable if it hits your chin or foot.

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Price: $22.49 ( / Serving)
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