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Grape Seed - Mega Potency, 250mg/90 Vcaps
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Antioxidant Support!*
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Natural Resveratrol, 60 Vcaps
Cardiovascular Support!
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Genius Beauty, 60 Capsules
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Introduction To Grape Seed


Skin That Looks As Good As The Muscle Underneath

Grape seed possesses some of the strongest antioxidant properties found in nature and is very rich in bioflavonoids, radical fighters, that help prevent damage to cells by free radicals.* This extract may be 15 to 25 times more powerful than vitamin E in neutralizing iron and oxygen free radicals.*

Grape seed extract is an herb used primarily for its high proanthocyanidin content. Proanthocyanidin is a bioflavonoid which is suggested to have antioxidant properties. Grape seed extract may support healthy connective tissue and may prove helpful in improving and preserving the elasticity of skin by potentially stabilizing collagen and elastin.*