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Elevate Your Immune Support*

Echinacea is a flowering plant that is native to North America. Originally used as an herbal remedy by Native Americans, Echinacea has grown popular across the world as a powerful immune supporting herb.*

All parts of the Echinacea plant may be used to make Echinacea products - root, leaves, and flower. Echinacea is sometimes made into juice, tea and even tablets.


Combat Stress*

Echinacea has certainly made a name for itself in North America and Europe. Commonly used to support immune system function when your body is put under stress, Echinacea is a star player in the world of herbal health support.*

Echinacea isn't something your body needs every day, but it's a great supplement to have on hand for those days when your body is put under a lot of stress.

Didn't get enough sleep? Work, school or family stressing you out to the max? Pushing the intensity in the gym? Using Echinacea supplementation at these times may help your body maintain its ability to fight back against stresses and stay healthy.*

Dosing Tips And Suggestions

Echinacea is safe for men and women 18 years and older. It's a good idea to speak to your child's physician before adding supplements to his or her diet. If you are looking immune system function support during times of high stress on your body, Echinacea is a great option for you.*

You can buy Echinacea as a standalone product. Echinacea is also included as an ingredient in some multivitamins, immune support products, and cleanse/detoxification products.

The recommended dosage of Echinacea is 200 to 400 milligrams two to three times per day during times of high stress. You can take it alone or in combination with other immune supporting herbs.