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Glucomannan, 575mg/180 Capsules
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Healthy Weight Management!*
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Her Appetite Control Chew, 30 Servings
NLA for Her
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Advanced Appetite Suppressant Support for Fat Loss*
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Keep Body Fat At Bay*

Glucomannan is a soluble fiber made from the konjac root. Glucomannan is not found in many whole foods like other soluble fibers and is able to expand more than other types of soluble fiber. Glucomannan is bulk-forming and has been used as a food additive to thicken food products.

Glucomannan, like other fiber products, may assist with weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.* Read the next tab about Glucomannan products to find out more!


Thicken Food, Not Your Waistline

Adding Glucomannan to your current fat loss program of a healthy diet and daily exercise may help support your fat loss results.* As a fiber, Glucomannan may help promote a feeling of fullness, which may help fight cravings for foods that will ruin your fat loss progress.* More benefits of supplementing with Glucomannan include supporting:

  • Healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range*
  • Regularity*

If you want to lose body fat and transform your body or you're simply looking for fiber support, Glucomannan is a great supplement choice!

Use Glucomannan Correctly And Effectively

The recommended serving size of Glucomannan is 1-2 grams. You may want to consider taking half the serving size when you first try a Glucomannan product to assess the results. Drinking 8oz, a full glass, of water when you take a Glucomannan supplement will help optimize the results. A good timing tip is to take the product 30-45 minutes before you eat. You may experience frequent bowel movements when taking Glucomannan.

You can buy Glucomannan as a standalone product, but it is also included in some fat loss products and cleansing products. Always follow the instructions for taking the supplement as indicated by the manufacturer on the container.