Fat Gripz
Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz , 2.25" Diameter Blue

The Ultimate Arm Builder!
Learn The Secrets Of Arm Size That Pros Have Known For Years!
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Product Overview

Fat Gripz on Barbell
Fat Gripz | The Ultimate Arm Builder

Build Arm Size & Strength With Fat Gripz

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Muscular Development
Iron Man
Muscle & Fitness
Athlete Curling

Build Arm Size & Strength

Fat Gripz will help you build bigger, stronger arms. They work by wrapping around barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments and exercise machine handles and increasing their diameter.

Athlete Shoulder Pressing

Time Tested, With Science

Science has now confirmed what athletes and bodybuilders have known for decades: a thicker diameter bar causes greater muscle activation in arms which leads to incredible muscle size and strength gains.

Athlete Sitting

Train Like The Best

Fat Gripz are used by many: NFL players, champion bodybuilders, Special Forces soldiers, UFC fighters, CrossFit athletes and thousands of people training for increased muscle size and strength.

Opening Fat Gripz

Military-Spec Specialized Material

The result of years of refinement of design and materials, Fat Gripz are made from a military grade compound similar to heavy duty rubber so you will never need to replace them. The bevelled ends ensure that they will even fit even the angled E-Z bars.

Award-Winning Design

In 2018, Fat Gripz won a Men's Health Award. Men's Health is the biggest men's magazine brand in the world and this award is considered to be one of the biggest in the world for fitness products.

Tips From The Pros

Joe DeFranco

"Invest in Fat Gripz and do all of your exercises with them. I have every thick barbell and cable attachment known to mankind at my gym."

Joe "Pro-Maker" DeFranco

World famous strength coach, worked with players on all 32 NFL teams

Dmitry Klokov

"A big limiting factor in CrossFit is your grip strength affecting everything from olympic lifts to pull-ups - do as much axel bar or FatGripz work as possible to fix this."

Dmitry Klokov

Olympic weight lifting champion and CrossFit expert

Fat Gripz Packaging

Fat Gripz Original

Primary Use

Targeted Arm Training — Best for Building Big Arms

Best For

All Variations of Bicep Curls and All Axel Bar Training


2.25 in / 5.72 cm

Fat Gripz Extreme Packaging

Fat Gripz Extreme

Primary Use

Specialized Grip Training — Best for Pro Strength Athletes

Best For

Farmers Walks, Dumbbell Holds and Other Strongman Exercises


2.74 in / 6.99 cm

Ratings & Reviews

Fat Gripz
Overall Rating
182 Ratings
Verified Buyer Rating
81 Ratings
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Oct 07, 2019

Great product , half the price with 3 different fat gripz off amazon -.-...

Aug 17, 2019
No written review.
Sep 26, 2018
Verified Buyer

I like it, builds forearm and grip strength. So it’s a good switch up when using dumbbells 💪 or even bodylastic handles

Sep 21, 2018
Verified Buyer

Amazing product never could imagine lifting so light again and being happy about it. No matter what your doing it seems to automatically find your weakest spot and target it. Have never had an issue with my arms but after many years starting and stopping with lots of weight gain and loss my lopsided man boob chest that never feels like I can hit the right angle or get a good non painful stretch and squeeze is getting all the attention it needs from lifting in unrelated muscle groups. The weakest link is giving out first. Can definitely believe i will progress on my weak spots in the next few months.

Jan 21, 2018
Verified Buyer

Great product works great with every exercise.

Aug 22, 2017

I purchased my set of Fat Gripz to help keep my tendons happy, particularly in my elbows. I had to stop lifting for a couple of months to address severe medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow) pain. When I started lifting again, I used these and the thicker grips have taken the stress off my tendons and increased my grip strength. I am pain-free during and following my workouts so while there are obvious strength benefits to using them, it is the relief my elbows get while working out. Much better than the therapy I paid for.

Jul 30, 2017
Verified Buyer

I wish I would have heard of these sooner. I love using them on barbell presses and especially for curls. I get a better pump when using them. 10/10 Worth the money.

May 23, 2017
Verified Buyer

Have been searching for a pair to help strengthen my grip and forearm and finally got to ordering these babies! Product is perfect just as stated and is a doozy to enhance your workouts to the next level!

May 16, 2017
No written review.
May 10, 2017
Verified Buyer

The best investment I've made in bodybuilding products in the entire 34 years of my time weight training. My only regret is not getting these sooner. I bought these mainly to help strengthen my grip because it's not what it used to be now that I'm getting older and had a few shoulder injuries. So it's like a 3 for 1 deal, you get good grip strength build up, better bicep pumps on curls and chest pumps on bench, and faster overall strength build up. I've seen some dudes trying to build their own FatGripz and I even tried this myself but it was never exactly right and felt odd. But that's what you get when you cut corners, so just spend the $40 and get he real thing and trade it for not buying 3 cups of Starbucks coffee, it'll be totally worth it.

May 02, 2017

This product intrigued me because I wanted to increase the size of my forearms to keep them in proportion with my arms but not focus on them and this does the trick the burn from this on my bicep curls is unbelievable I would recommend this product the only down side to it is the price for what your getting

Apr 29, 2017
Verified Buyer

I bought myself a pair of fat gripz to get better grip strength and bigger biceps. My arms feel bigger after working out at the gym using fat grips compared to just the bar . I overall like the idea of fat gripz.

Apr 25, 2017

I bought the first pair and liked them so much, I bought a second set (mostly so I could superset). These are a cheap way to basically make every exercise feel brand new.

Apr 20, 2017

Been wanting these for awhile now and finally got them for my birthday. Got great muscle activation throughout my whole arm. Neat piece to toss in your gym back

Apr 05, 2017

I expected a great forearm workout with these, but my biceps also got great activation

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Price: $29.99  ( / Serving)
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