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free shipping Latex Free Exercise Band, 100 Yard (2 X 50 Yard Rolls)
High quality, latex free 5 " wide bands for upper and lower body exercises
free shipping Walslide Original Exercise Station, 6 Ft. Vertical Section
Wall mounted band anchor station
free shipping Dynair Twister, 2 Pack - 8"
Stabilization core training disc helps improve balance
free shipping Low Powder Resistance Band, 30 - 5 Foot Strips
Economical latex band for use in dispenser systems
free shipping Competition Kettlebell - Fitness Version, 75 Lbs.
Kettlebell Kings
Uniformly sized steel kettlebells ideal for fitness & bootcamp related exercises
free shipping Digi-EXtend N' Squeeze Hand Exerciser, Small
Develop isolated finger strength, flexibility & coordination
free shipping Orbital Massager
Jeanie Rub
Penetrating massage through a hand-held electric device for a consistent and relaxing massage of the shoulders, thighs and other areas
free shipping Latex Free Exercise Band, 25 Yard Roll
Sup-R Band
High quality, latex free 5 " wide bands for upper and lower body exercises
free shipping Low Powder Exercise Band, 25 Yard Roll
Latex free exercise bands used for physical therapy and athletic training
free shipping Dynair Walker Comfort - Pair, 5 - 13
Strengthen and improve ankle stabilization
free shipping Foot Massager
Point Relief
Hand held massage tool for clinic or at home use
free shipping Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Accessory Studio Rack
Tough built rack able to support up to 660 pounds
Save 20% Weighted Bar, 30 Lb- 5 ft
Foam-cushioned weighted bar for strength, flexibility & balance training
free shipping Sup-R Mat, Mars - 56 " X 24 "
Elastic and absorbent latex free. closed-cell NBR foam mat
free shipping The Classic Massage Stick, 18"
Tiger Tail
Portable massage stick that features a firm design
free shipping Pranayama Yoga Bolster, Off White
Yoga Direct
Improve deeper breathing techniques*
free shipping Core-Training Vestibular Dome, 21" - With Resistance Cords
vestibular dome for balance & core training
free shipping Tubing With Handles Exerciser, 5 Piece Set - 18"
Latex tubing with handles for conditioning
free shipping Balanza Freeride, 39" X 12" X 6"
Balance board with two small balance balls as a base
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