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Vegan Protein Cookie with 16g of Protein for a Delicious Way to Build Muscle*
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The Complete Cookie, 1 - 4 Oz. Cookie
Lenny & Larry's
8.9 201 Reviews
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Vegan Protein Cookie with 16g of Protein for a Delicious Way to Build Muscle*
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Introduction to Energy Bars


Boost Your Energy Stores

If you're participating in any form of vigorous activity, energy bars can definitely help you go that extra mile.* Many people associate energy bars as only being for those who are performing extremely long-endurance activities such as marathons, but this isn't the case at all.

Even if you're out for a weekend game of soccer with your recreation league, an energy bar can help your performance.* Since your muscles are constantly using up its energy storage, the better you're able to replace glucose in the body, the more energy you've have for longer durations.


Fight Off Fatigue*

Too many people rely on unhealthy snacks and foods to fuel their activity, but they're actually taking a step away from overall good health. These have a much better nutritional value and will go further towards helping you perform at your best.* Some of the main benefits of using an energy bar include:

  • Maintaining healthy blood sugar and energy levels*
  • Optimal recovery from exercise*
  • Protein intake to provide amino acids for muscle tissue*
  • Great taste and convenience
  • Having an energy bar on hand at all times is simply a smart move!

Fill The Void

Anyone performing any type of physical activity will benefit from using an energy bar. Even if you're rushed and can't make your normal lunch or snack, an energy bar will fill the void.

Energy bars come in a variety of different nutrient values, so regardless of your particular diet there's sure to be one that will suite to your needs. Energy bars are also great for people on the go, as they will provide a quick solution for times of need.

Pick The Perfect Bar

In order to see the best results from your energy bar, make sure that you take some time to assess the nutritional contents. Energy bars can range quite a bit in calories, proteins, carbs and fats, so make sure you choose one that fits your individual diet plan.

If you're using the energy bar as a meal replacement, try and find one that contains at least 10 grams of protein so that you'll get a slow the release of the nutrients and a steady level of energy from the bar.*

Streamline Your Energy

Since it will take a little while for the nutrients to hit the blood stream and get to the working muscles, try to consume your energy bar about 15-20 minutes before physical activity or at a point during your activity before you feel taxed for energy. This will ensure that the energy complex from the nutrients will reach your muscles before you're energy is completely depleted and it's too late to bounce back - preventative maintenance is key!