Liquid Super Protein Aminos

Liquid Super Protein Aminos , 32 Fl. Oz. Orange

23g of Protein, with Naturally Occurring Amino Acids*
Delicious, Smooth Flavors, Convenient for Anytime Muscle Support*
9.1  out of 10  (24 Reviews)
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32 Fl. Oz.
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Product Overview

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Quickly boost your daily intake

of protein and aminos

Amounts per serving


Grams of protein

Gluten Free

Why Liquid Protein Aminos?

Liquid Super Protein Aminos provides 23 grams of protein and naturally occurring amino acids in a delicious liquid form. Amino acids are the “building blocks” of protein and facilitate Muscle Protein Synthesis. If you are an elite athlete, a serious weight trainer or just starting your fitness journey, make sure to include Liquid Super Protein Aminos in your diet and training plan to get closer to conquering all your fitness goals.

Liquid Amino Bottles
  • 23g of protein and naturally occurring amino acids
  • Gluten Free
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Available in

3 clean-finishing flavors


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24 Ratings
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Dec 28, 2017
  • 9 Orange

Was wondering how liquid compared to powder, and i must say that i do think this product has a much richer flavor than powdered amino's.

Dec 22, 2017

This is very convenient to have on hand when you need a quick protein shot. A single 4 TBSP serving has 23g protein for only 100 calories. I find the flavor too strong as is, so I always mix with 4 ounces of water for a delicious, sports drink-like alternative to a protein shake. Pretty great when you can just pour this and go though. the Berry flavor is outstanding, very quenching. I am eagerly looking forward to trying the other flavors. Also, the protein in here is from whey protein isolate, so it's top notch quality, not some kind of blend. Definitely a winner here, if nothing else than the convenience factor alone.

Dec 14, 2017

This was a surprise. I did not realize they would send me this as well, and I am grateful they did. It came at the perfect time, because I have been trying to find an intra workout protein I actually would want to drink mid-workout. Whey shakes are too heavy for my taste, so I was looking at options for something lighter. The berry flavor is nice and light, and if I add some vitamin C powder to it, I get the perfect mix of sweet and sour. I really enjoy it! And I know I'm getting a complete protein versus just BCAA's. Love it!

Nov 21, 2017

This is a really convenient product to have on hand. With 4 tablespoons you get a great shot of protein to help you meet your macros. You can take the tablespoons straight, but I found it a little too sweet. If you mix it up with about 8 oz of cold water, you have a real treat! You could even make this into a little mocktail! The berry is a great flavor, mostly strawberry with possibly a little blackberry. Very refreshing!

Nov 14, 2017

This is a pretty nice product. It’s 23g of protein per serving and the serving size is small, which is helpful if you have a weigh in coming up or if you get full easily and want to minimize food volume.

Nov 12, 2017

One of my favorite products of all time. Texture is very thick, close to jam and the flavor also reminds me of a raspberry jam. Wanted to mix it in my hot green tea :D Profile is great - no carbs, no fats, plus the price is great for 16 servings and it's very convenient to use.

Nov 10, 2017

I'll be honest, this product at first was very enjoyable, but as I kept supplementing with it the flavor became too rich and texture seemed thicker each time. This doesn't take away from the overall value and grade of this product. With 4 tablespoons (1 serving) you're getting 23g of protein and aminos which is not a bad deal whatsoever. It definitely came in clutch when I needed a protein boost, but I think I would prefer ISO Clear RTD. All in all, I wouldn't have a problem supplementing with this protein, I just can be nitpicky at times, like many others. Solid product. No doubt.

Nov 06, 2017

This is something that I would not really be on the market for myself, mainly since it would be easier to just have a protein shake, and I am not really a fan of collagen as a main protein source. This is billed as a way to get a quick boost of aminos in though, rather than just a straight protein supplement, and with a serving size of just 4 tablespoons, it is an easy and quick way to boost those if that is something you feel the need to do. The texture was a bit thick on this, reminding me almost of a cough syrup in the consistency, but the flavor was definitely miles ahead of any medicine. It is a mixed berry type of taste, quite tasty and a bit on the sweet side; very enjoyable and it makes you wish the serving size was more. So while not a product I am really interested in, for those who want an amino boost, this is a tasty and very easy way to get it in; another product that shows how well Dymatize can pull off great flavorings!

Nov 04, 2017

Where was this when I was cutting? At only 100 calories per serving you get 23g of protein, making it a quick, lean way to meet your macros. Drinking the liquid itself was a bit thick, and very sweet. I preferred it more when mixed in some water, makes for a yummy juice type drink to enjoy. The flavor, as I said was sweet, and tastes great, I did expect it to be a bit more diluted on it's own (as with the liquid l-carnitine), but I could still use it with or without mixing it.

Jun 11, 2017

What makes this an awesome product is that when I know I'm short on protein for the day I can take a few swigs and know I'm covered. It's convenient​..No mixing, no water, no clumps. The grape reminds me of a sour candy I would eat as a child. The fact that it's gluten free is a big plus to me as I am intolerant. Overall I am very pleased with this product.

Jun 09, 2017
Verified Buyer

Amazing. Simply mix in water and you have yourself a 20 gram protein drink that tastes like a Gatorade or crystal light. Or you can drink 4 table spoons straight. Which tastes like sour candy. I simply mix 32 oz water and I would guess 8-10 table spoons and that's my drink for the work day

Jun 08, 2017

I really liked this product. On those lazy mornings where I'm rushing out the door and need to get a quick protein fix this hits the spot. It does have a bit of a cough syrup taste so that might turn some people off but I really liked the flavor. Overall I'm a big fan and it made it extremely easy to get some quick protein when I was short on time.

May 22, 2017
  • 8 Orange

This is a fantastic supplement. Orange flavor, and tastes great. Easy to take if in a rush. I know the price point is a little higher, but its a quality protein source. It is good if you don't want to prep a shake or simply forget. In my mind, the biggest benefit is that a serving is 60mL, compared to a 8-12 oz shake and carrying it around with you.

May 21, 2017
  • 10 Orange

Great flavor for Amino acids in liquid form because most of the amino acids I tried test like car oil... Took 2 spoons before and after training plus before dinner time. It's a great product in it's category that give that extra aminos that your body requires to repair muscle tissue that is been extenuated at the gym and other physical activities. It's worth having it in your stack for all the benefits from loosing weight, repair and create muscle. An overall product for multiple purposes... Recommend it to everybody from all ages. 10 out of 10.

May 20, 2017

this is an interesting product. Dymatize Liquid Super Protein Aminos are a great way to add quality protein and aminos to you daily intake. very convenient and tastes great! ill be trying the other flavors soon.

32 Fl. Oz.
32 Fl. Oz.
16 Servings | $1.19 Per Serving

What's in Dymatize Liquid Super Protein Aminos

Serving Size: 4 Tablespoons (59 mL)
Servings Per Container: About16
Amount Per Serving %Daily Value *
Calories 100       
Protein 23 g       
Sodium 75 mg 3%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Water, Protein Blend (Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein, Whey Protein Isolate), Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural Flavors, Sucralose, Sodium Benzoate, and Potassium Sorbate (preservatives), Yellow #6, Soy Lecithin, Red #40

Directions For Liquid Super Protein Aminos: Shake well before each use. As a dietary supplement, take 1 serving 1-3 times a day.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.