Gloves, Black & Blue Small

Heavy Duty!
Double Stitched Throughout For Superior Durability And Abrasion Resistance!
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The DTP line of straps, wraps and gloves were designed from years in the gym, not by a seamstress. Kris Gethin personally bled, screamed, and pushed his body beyond failure so you could choose high-grade accessories to build your own quality physique.

Never a fan of lifting gloves, Kris Gethin wanted to create a pair that didn't interfere with his grip or take away from the real experience of holding onto a bar. The DTP gloves are extremely pliable with a very slim palm covering and supporting Velcro straps. "My hands would always rip apart when I would pull on heavy loads for rows or shrugs - it wasn't the kind of pain I wanted. All the other gloves I had tried were either too stiff or had too much padding, so I knew I had to come up with a solution," says Gethin.

The solution he created is now available to you!

  • Double leather palm and fingers surround a layer of resilient foam to protect hands against abrasion
  • Heavy duty stretch back extends across fingers and back of the hand to enhance ventilation, flexibility, comfort and fit
  • Reversed top grain leather on palm maximizes abrasion resistance without compromising tear strength
  • Double stitched throughout for superior durability and abrasion resistance
  • Sharp and stylish DTP design projects a cool lifestyle
  • Velcro fastening elasticated wrist strap for neat and flexible fit

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When I opened the package from BB and I saw my gloves I couldn't wait to tried them on the gym. As soon as I put the gloves on my hands I felt like a fighter ready for a war with the machines. The best gloves I ever had. Color and design is perfect. You fell good working out with them. Great purchase for me.

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Hands down the best pair of gloves I've ever owned. If you're like me you've spent your hard earned money on all of the garbage they sell at retail stores and everything falling apart in a month. These gloves have the right amount of padding and the grip does not pinch your skin and you feel like you're getting a solid grip. My pair is falling apart on me after 6 months of solid training (5-6 days/wk), so I am happily reordering a pair.

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it look nice and feel good, but nothing special and i barely use it for only a few week and it look like it falling apart. For expensive glove it shouldnt be falling apart so fast when i wasnt even ruff on it. Updated on this glove is it even worst than i thought. it falling apart and barely got it for three month. piece of garbage

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Price: $29.99 ( / Serving)
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