Detour Bars

Detour Bars

Whey Protein Bar!
Detour To A New State Of Taste!
8.3 out of 10 (78 Reviews)
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Overall Rating
78 Ratings
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  • 10 Caramel Peanut

One of the best tasting protein bars to me next to combat crunch really good


Not a fan :(


I got these bars as a promo and they were great. I've been eating the same bars for close to a year and have gotten tired of them. These were a great and different taste. The bars were soft, easy to chew and delicious. Even better than the previous Detour bars I've tried in the past. I will definitely be ordering some more.

  • 9 Caramel Peanut

I received Detour Bars through a promo, and herein, I provide an honest assessment of Detour Bars. I have tried three different flavors of the bars: caramel peanut, chocolate chip caramel, and salted caramel cookie dough. Those flavors sound amazing, and they taste amazing as well! The flavors are very solid, but I cannot really differentiate among the different flavors. They all taste like sweet, gooey, chocolate, caramel nugget! The bars delivers a good profile with low sugar and 20 grams of whey protein! I would love to have seen more fiber, but I am still awesomely satisfied by Detour Bars. I definitely recommend them!


just no.. this review isn't worth my time so many better options for the same low price.

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