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N.O. Nitro , 60 Capsules

N.O. Nitro Capsules For Intenser Pumps*
Includes Agmatine Sulfate To Increase Nitric Oxide*
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60 Capsules
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Nitrates · Endurance*
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Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating
9 Ratings
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N.O. Nitro is a 2 gram blend of Red Spinach Leaf Extract (Oxystorm®) NO3-T® and Agmatine Sulfate.I have used it 4 times now.I dosed 3 caps about 1 hour before I lifted. I train with high reps followed by DC stretch. Monday 8/29/2016 Day 15 Bench Press Set 1 : 85x10 Set 2 : 85x10 Set 3 : 85x10 Set 4 : 105x10 Set 5 : 105x10 Set 6 : 105x10 Set 7 : 125x10 Set 8 : 125x10 Set 9 : 125x10 Set 10: 125x10 Finisher DC Chest Stretch Tuesday 8/30/2016 Day 16 Squats Set 1 : 115x10 Set 2 : 115x10 Set 3 : 135x10 Set 4 : 135x10 Set 5 : 135x10 Set 6 : 135x10 Set 7 : 155x10 Set 8 : 155x10 Set 9 : 155x10 Set 10: 155x10 Finisher DC Squat Stretch Wednesday 8/31/2016 Day 17 BO Rows Set 1 : 65x10 Set 2 : 65x10 Set 3 : 65x10 Set 4 : 85x10 Set 5 : 85x10 Set 6 : 85x10 Set 7 : 1055x10 Set 8 : 105x10 Set 9 : 105x10 Set 10: 105x10 Finisher DC Lat Stretch Friday 9/2/2016 Day 19 OHP Set 1 : 55x10 Set 2 : 55x10 Set 3 : 55x10 Set 4 : 75x10 Set 5 : 75x10 Set 6 : 75x10 Set 7 : 75x10 Set 8 : 105x10 Set 9 : 105x10 Set 10: 105x10 Finisher DC Shoulder Stretch The bottom line is that this product works quite well.The pump and muscle fullness is great and another thing I noticed was it lasted a good 6 hours.N.O. Nitro holds it's own with all the other **** preworkout formulas.I. will be using again.If you want a great pump product, you got to try this.

Verified Buyer

I have used many different N.O. products, and this one seems to work very well. It seems to have a much better affect when taken on an empty stomach then right after a meal. I found it to work best if taken 45 min- hour pre workout instead of the listed 30 min prior. I used 3 pills 45min-1 hour pre workout everyday and got great skin ripping pumps day in and out. The only downside I found was that when taken too close with food it did not work near as well. Good overall product, and I will be buying again.


I just finished a bottle of N.O. Nitro and found the experience to be very enjoyable! The muscle pumps and vascularity from the product was impressive and just as advertised. Additionally, N.O. Nitro was easily stackable with a number of concentrated stim pre-workouts. Definitely a straightforward, effective product that many lifters are looking for. The product is a little expensive coming in at $1.50 per serving for just two grams of two ingredients: Oxystorm and agmatine sulfate. One of the ingredient is a little unique, but really is a nitrate based ingredient - something relatively common to pump product. Again, N.O. Nitro is very effective and is worth a look from pump chaser. 9/10


N.O. Nitro uses Nitrates and Agmatine Sulfate to produce the desired results. ive been very interested in the use of Nitrates as a Nitric Oxide enhancer and N.O. Nitro uses a Red Spinach Leaf Extract called Oxystorm. the product description says N.O. Nitro increases Nitric Oxide through 2 separate pathways and induces full muscular pumps for growth. while the science of this is beyond me the physical results are not! 3 capsules, 30 minutes prior to training will give you some of the best pumps of your life....particularly in the chest and arms for me! another noticeable perk is that the pumps seem to last longer, giving you a couple extra hours of looking your swollen best. i was quite impressed with N.O. Nitro and thought it was a solid 9/10. nice product!

Verified Buyer

I've always been a no2 black fan (the original), but wanted to give another no booster a shot. I came across this n.o. nitro and thought I'd give it a try. I'm about finished with my first bottle and it made my veins pop from the first dose. I take it with my pw, warm up, and I'm off! I would give it a 9 if it was a little more detailed of the ingredients. Keep in mind that this has to be cycled so you have to keep track how long you're on it. Most no boosters take a few weeks to get results but this was almost immediately. If you like the original no2 black like me, try this and you'll be impressed. Less pills and faster results.


I recently had the opportunity to try a bottle of N.O. Nitro and was amazed at the results. I took 3 capsules 30 minutes before the day's workout and got an incredible pump from this product. I mean the pump lasted long after my workout was over so that says a lot about this product in that it delivers on what it promises. The formula is a non-stim formula consisting of Red Spinach Leaf Extract and Potassium as the main ingredients in this formula providing the "pump" and not much else is included in this formula. I didn't experience much in terms of endurance while using this product and nothing in terms of strength increases during my workout so if you are looking for some focus or more clean energy during your workout, I recommend you take this with a non-stim pre-workout for those additional benefits during your workout. This product tends to be a bit expensive for 20 servings but it delivers and you won't be disappointed.


N.O. Nitro- Ingredients: 10/10- Great list, not too many extra which means no extra fillers or garbage Pump: 10/10- Excellent pumps! Really does what it is advertised to do Effectiveness: 10/10- Great pumps and overall workouts with N.O. Nitro alone Serving: 3 capsules, which are good size, is perfect for pre workout Overall: 10/10- One of the best non stim products I've ever used, amazing pumps!


N.O. Nitro is one of my favorite pump preworkout products on the market. This product has no stims in it. I'd do a 5 sets of 10 reps for my arms and shoulders and I'd have the largest pump of my life. I really enjoyed this product. If you are looking for a non stim preworkout that gives incredible pumps then look no farther. The price/serving is very reasonable. Get you some of these pumps


The new N.O. Nitro from CTD Sports is a solid nitrate-based pump enhancer supplement. The profile is simple, and it delivers in the gym! The formula contains 130 mg potassium and 2 grams of the N.O. Nitro blend, which contains two different ingredients: Red Spinach Leaf Extract (Oxystorm) and agmatine sulfate. Off the bat, I would like to know the exact doses of each of the ingredients in the blend. However, the formula is simple, allowing me to generally see that I am getting a decent dose of nitrates and maybe a good dose of agmatine sulfate. Ultimately, I wouldn't mind an even heavier dose of nitrates and maybe a few other pump agents, but ultimately for three small pills this is a pretty solid formula. The profile is an 8/10. In the gym, N.O. Nitro was great, delivering awesome pumps with or without stacking with other pump agents. I really enjoyed pairing it with a little citrulline or citrulline malate because I really blew up, but even using in concert with a concentrated stimulant really had me pump. Blood flow to whatever muscle I was working was awesome. I had sick vascularity and really tight and full muscles. There was really nothing more that could be asked of N.O. Nitro's performance. I am sure that there will be some habituation to the product with long-term use, but the easy way around that is to cycle use. Performance is a 10/10 for great pumps! The serving size is three pills and there are 20 servings in a tub. The price runs a little of the expensive side, but the dose of pump ingredients are good! Ultimately, I think pump addicts will be happy with this product. It is definitely something that is worth giving a run! 9/10 overall!

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60 Capsules
60 Capsules
20 Servings | $1.20 Per Serving

What's in CTD Sports N.O. Nitro

Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 20
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Potassium 130mg 4%
N.O. Nitro™ 2g *
Red Spinach Leaf Extract (Oxystorm®) NO3-T®, Agmatine Sulfate
* Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Calcium Silicate, Silica.

Directions For N.O. Nitro: Take 3 capsules 30 minutes before workout with eight (8) ounces of water. Do not exceed 3 capsules in a 24 hour period.  

Warnings: Consult your health care provider before consuming this product. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Do not consume separate iron supplements while taking N.O. Nitro. Do not exceed 3 capsules in a 24 hour period. After 12 weeks of use, discontinue for at least 4 weeks. Keep out of reach of children.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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