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2 For $49 ENGN Shred Pre Workout, 30 Servings
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Advanced Pre-Workout + Weight Management*
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Save 25% QuadraLean Thermo Fat Burner, 180 Capsules
RSP Nutrition
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Cutting Edge Thermogenic*
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Save 20% Mr. Hyde NitroX, 30 Servings
Pro Supps
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Pre-Workout Amplifier*
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QuadraLean Thermo Fat Burner, 90 Capsules
RSP Nutrition
9.4 1,455 Reviews
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Cutting Edge Thermogenic*
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Save 20% Lean Out Stim Free Fat Burner, 120 Capsules
Beverly International
8.7 40 Reviews
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Stimulant-Free Metabolism Support*
$27.19 ($0.91 / Serving)
Save 25% Mega Pre, 20 Servings
Primeval Labs
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Contains 6g L-Citrulline + 300mg L-Norvaline to support nitric oxide production, blood flow & muscle pumps*
$29.99 ($1.50 / Serving)
DyNO, 30 Servings
RSP Nutrition
8.8 790 Reviews
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The Most Comprehensive Pre-Workout. PERIOD.
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Choline & Inositol, 100 Capsules
7 4 Reviews
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$9.99 ($0.10 / Serving)
Save 25% Double Tap Powder, 40 Servings
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Contains 1000mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine to support weight management, focus & energy*
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Save 20% Phosphatidyl Serine, 100mg/120 Vcaps
9.9 11 Reviews
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With Choline & Inositol!
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Free Gift Hardwire Energy & Focus Formula, 30 Servings
Method Performance Supplements
7.9 5 Reviews
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Energy, BCAA & Electrolyte Powder*
$36.00 ($1.20 / Serving)
Ripped Fast, 120 Capsules
Universal Nutrition
8.1 26 Reviews
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Definitive Fat Burner!*
$14.99 ($0.50 / Serving)
Super Cuts 3, 130 Tablets
Universal Nutrition
6 25 Reviews
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Fat Metabolizing Complex!*
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Discount In Cart 2 Shredded Powder, 45 Servings
Beast Sports Nutrition
8.1 24 Reviews
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Professional Strength Thermogenic Powder For Weight Loss*
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Save 20% Mr. Hyde NitroX, 12 - 7.5 Oz. Bottles
Pro Supps
8.7 54 Reviews
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Pre-Workout Amplifier*
$35.27 ($2.94 / Serving)
Pump Igniter Black, 30 Servings
Top Secret Nutrition
5.2 8 Reviews
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An Ultra-Performing Pre Workout Supplement
$39.44 ($1.31 / Serving)
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Choline Can Master Your Mind*

Choline is a dietary component found in many protein and fat-containing foods. It is a cell-signaling molecule, acetylcholine precursor, and adds structural integrity to cell membranes.*

Choline, especially in lecithin form, is a basic dietary component found in the phospholipids of protein-containing foods such as eggs, meats, soybeans, or peanuts.

Like tyrosine, dietary choline is an effective neurotransmitter precursor - it has been suggested that choline is the precursor for the production of acetylcholine.* It is believed that acetylcholine is released in the brain and plays a part in many brain functions.*


Concentrate With Choline*

As a precursor to the production of acetylcholine, choline supplementation can be used to support memory capacity.* Choline is commonly used in conjunction with other acetylcholine-promoting supplements to optimize neuromuscular transmission.* Because dietary lecithin is a great source for phospholipid choline concentrations, lecithin is better-tolerated by the body than by supplementing with choline alone.*

Exercise Or Work—Choline Can Help*

Anyone looking to promote healthy brain function such as focus, memory, and performance should look into using choline as a dietary supplement. Your brain runs the show when you are working, training, and resting, so make sure your brain is firing on all cylinders!

In trained endurance athletes, choline concentrations in the blood can be reduced by up to 40% during training or competition. This reduction in blood choline could lead to a reduction in acetylcholine synthesis and therefore affect focus, memory, and performance. Choline supplementation can help to replenish these reduced blood choline concentrations, allowing you to keep your head in the game from start to finish!*

Use Choline Effectively

Most choline products recommend 1 gram of choline per day for proper supplementation. Always follow package directions, however, because choline products commonly have different serving recommendations and design.

Take care of things upstairs with choline!