Carbohydrate Management

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Introduction To Carb Management


Conquer Carb Cravings*

If you're currently on the ever-popular low-carb diet plan to help you shed those extra pounds, there's a very good chance that you'll crave carbs frequently. Even people with the best will power struggle with food cravings – especially for carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, a very high carb meal or series of meals can really set you back on your diet plan. If you decide that there is no way to get around a high-carb meal – your grandma is spoon feeding you her homemade apple pie again? – you may want to consider a carb management product.

The active ingredients in carb management products are white kidney bean extract and HCA - Hydroxy Citric Acid from Garcinia Cambogia plant extract.


Curb Your Carbs

Carb management supplements go to work in the body by potentially interacting with enzymes that help out with digesting carbohydrates.*

Of course, quality carbohydrates, complex carbs, are an essential part of a balanced diet – even if you go low carb you still have to balance your diet with vegetables and fibrous carbs for energy.

In A Pinch, Don't Fret

Who can use a carb management product? Carb management products are safe for men and women of all ages. Carb management products may help promote optimal fat loss - but only if you're already sticking to a fat loss diet and workout program.* Carb management products are not magic pills, and they can't substitute for healthy nutrition choices. Keeping strict with your fat loss diet every day will pave the way to fat loss success.

If you are in a tight spot with a birthday party, wedding, or other function where you absolutely can't avoid eating large amounts of simple carbohydrates and ruining your diet - you may want to consider if the benefits of a carb management product are right for that occasion.

Don't Fall Off The Wagon

Once you choose a carb management product, you'll want to make sure you know how to use it properly so you see the intended results.*

Always take your carb management product shortly before you plan to eat a cheat meal heavy with carbs. Then take the carb management product soon afterwards to optimize the intended results.* Read the package directions for dosing strategies and instructions and follow them exactly.

Taking other supplements around the same time as a carb management product may inhibit the effectiveness of the other supplements.* Be sure to eat a variety of whole foods that do stay in line with your diet to keep your body in optimal health.