The Radical Diet - 3rd Edition
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The Radical Diet - 3rd Edition , 215 Pages

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The Next Generation Weight And Fat Loss Diet Plan!
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The Third Edition of the Radical Diet represents the ongoing improvement of the best fat and weight loss diet in the world. The Radical Diet represents a new paradigm and is a quantum leap above all other diets that target fast weight and fat loss.

The Radical Diet has always championed fat loss as against weight loss, although both usually occur in tandem. However, the best way to lose weight is to target the loss of body fat while maintaining muscle mass since this makes losing body fat easier. It's also the best way to also keep the weight off.

The reason behind these dramatic losses is because of the macronutrient composition of the diet and the low calorie content. The combination of high dietary protein, low dietary carbohydrates, moderate dietary fat intake, and low overall calories, lead to the breakdown and burning off of body fat, a decrease in appetite, increased energy output, and to a rapid improvement in body composition.

This edition of the Radical Diet also has much more information, both practical and theoretical, explaining how and why my innovative phase shift diets work to maximize body composition. This information includes a look at the scientific and medical evidence, especially the latest research, that back up my theories.

The bottom line is that this edition of the Radical Diet is geared to help you lose weight, mostly as body fat, as quickly as possible while at the same time maintaining muscle. The end result is a fitter, trimmer body that you can be proud of.

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The Radical Diet - 3rd Edition
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The Next Generation Weight And Fat Loss Diet Plan!