A Practical Approach To Powerlifting
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A Practical Approach To Powerlifting , 120 Pages

Official Training Manual!
Gain Valuable Knowledge For Competition And Sport Training!
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A Practical Approach to Powerlifting is a complete technical analysis of the three powerlifts, with step-by step photos. It's the official training manual of the IPF (Internation Powerlifting Federation). This book shows you everything from the application of the powerlifts to sports training, assistance exercises, program development, competition guidelines and much more. Anyone looking to improve there knowledge in every aspect of the sport of powerlifting should read this book. Larry Sheppard and Bill Jamison are two of the most informed people on the sport of powerlifting.

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A Practical Approach To Powerlifting
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Mar 04, 2012

Just has rules regarding IPF competition and some general, basic techniuqe for the big 3. All of them are acessible in internet. You can get IPF rules in IPF official hompage and other advanced training methods and nutrition in powerlifting website. This book is a good guide but does not have anything really special (it has some example powerlifting routines and other useful informations but they are all available in internet)

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Gain Valuable Knowledge For Competition And Sport Training!