Knowledge And Nonsense
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Knowledge And Nonsense

By Jamie Hale
The Science Of Nutrition And Exercise Using A Practical Approach!
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The key message with this book is don't be afraid to question authority and conduct your own research. Realize the only true authority in science is science itself. Approach fitness and nutrition with an open mind and realize the majority of information you have probably been exposed to is mis-leading and in some cases deceitful. Keep up to date with the current research. Don't be afraid to debate your beliefs. Never judge an individuals exercise and nutrition knowledge by their degrees, certificates, physique, or athletic ability, but by their passion, ability to explain and willingness to debate their beliefs and proclamations. Not many of the "so-called" fitness experts are willing to debate their statements when challenged. If you are not willing to debate your statements with formidable opponents you shouldn't be making those statements.

Chapters and Topics

  • Chapter 1, Basic Nutrition - 4
  • Chapter 2, Popular Diets: The Science - 23
  • Chapter 3, Bodybuilder Nutrition Roundtable - 117
  • Chapter 4, Hormones - 166
  • Chapter 5, Nutrition: Fact or Fiction - 210
  • Chapter 6, Muscular Bioenergetic Pathways and Muscle Fiber Types - 312
  • Chapter 7, Kinesiology and Biomechanics - 317
  • Chapter 8, Training for Skeletal Muscle Growth - 322
  • Chapter 9, Exercise: Fact or Fiction - 331

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Knowledge And Nonsense
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