Workout Gear For Women

Your fellow women warriors at have put together a list of our favorite fitness gadgets, apparel, and supplements. Check it out and add your own!

Workout Gear For Women

Hey, swole sisters! Need some new fitness gear in your life? Of course you do! What's more fun than working out in a brand-spanking-new top or trying a novel kitchen gadget?

Fun as it is to try out new fitness gear, finding what's exactly right for you can be hard. There's just too much awesome stuff and too little time to go through it all! So to assist you in your online shopping, a group of employees and team athletes singled out their favorite fitness tools, clothes, and supplements.

Scroll through and find out what women just like you are using to stay healthy and motivated all year! If we missed your favorite product, add it to the comments section below!

The FlipBeltMusclePharm Coco ProteinB-Elite Bombshell HoodieGoFit Go-Roller with Trigger Point BallWomen's Weightlifting GlovesPolar FT4FitMiss BCAAFitlosophy Electronic Food scaleGym Boss Interval TimerWomen's Core Soar TankMonster iSport Intensity HeadphonesB-Force SlidersCardio Igniter Pre-workout6 Pack Fitness Innovator 6 Pack BagDemonBelle KettlebellWomen's FT Graffiti TightsPremium V Slicer Vegetable SpiralizerCellucor COR-Performance Whey, Cor-Fetti Cake BatterBlender Bottle GoStackOstrim Paleo Trail MixPremium V Slicer Vegetable Spiralizer

An easy-to wear-band that carries your phone, keys, and cash—it's like a cool version of the fanny pack. What's not to love?

I love this ready-to-drink! It's convenient, tastes great, and contains 20 grams of protein. What's more, the extra potassium in the coconut water helps me rehydrate after a tough workout.

I love the style of this hoodie, and own each color combo. The sleeves have thumb holes and the material is so soft. It's heavy enough to keep you warm on really cold days, but isn't bulky.

This is perfect for travel because it comes in a ready-to-go bag. It also comes with a training manual. You can use it for foam-rolling and even quick workouts!

I think these gloves are really helpful because I want my entire body, not just my hands, to be shredded. *Wink*

Along with monitoring my heart rate, this device tracks the calories I burn. I can even wear it when I swim!

Volumetric measurements (cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons) can be surprisingly inaccurate. Depending on the consistency of the food and the shape of your measuring cup, you could be adding far too many or too few calories to your meal. A food scale like this one is inexpensive, easy to use, and will help you stick to your nutrition plan!

FitMiss BCAAs are the bomb diggity. I sip them during my workouts and use them to jazz up my water to help me reach one gallon per day. I love the taste!

Holla back at me, fellow Tabata trainers! This timer is super easy to use, and you can program it to time your rest and work periods, no matter how short or long they might be.

I seriously love this tank. It has cool colors, comfort and style. I mean, who doesn't want to soar?

I feel so legit with these. They give me awesome bass and wouldn't come out of my ears in a twister.

These are one of my favorite portable bodyweight training tools. Keep them in your house or throw them in your gym bag. They'll intensify any full-body workout!

I like this pre-workout because it doesn't have a vasodilator. I don't really need an ingredient that widens my blood vessels for a "pump." But it does have other ingredients that I love like L-carnitine and raspberry ketones. It also tastes really good!

Not sure what life was like before this bag. It's super convenient to have all of your meals with you all the time.

Could this be anymore badass? No, no, it couldn't. Use it to scare away your foes and blaze a path toward world domination.

I love, love, love, these leggings! I ordered a size small and was really happy with the fit. The leggings have built-in rubber elastic so they won't fall down. I love the pattern because even if I'm not in perfect shape, I feel comfortable. I promise you will not be disappointed and you will wear these often!

Go noodle-free and make your veggies into "pasta." Or you can just use it to make your veggies look pretty!

In my opinion, this protein doesn't make the best shake, but mix it with some vanilla Greek yogurt for breakfast or a snack and it will rock your world.

The GoStack is one of my favorite products because it keeps everything organized and easily assessable. I fill this daily with my favorite supplements.

This is my favorite trail mix! It is a perfect combination of ingredients. The flavors, sweetness, and texture are perfection. I always have a few of these at home, at work, or with me when I travel for emergency snack needs!