Vegan Christmas Protein Cookies

Vegans and gluten-free eaters, rejoice! 'Tis the season to partake in holiday goodies.

Vegan Christmas Protein Cookies
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If you follow a gluten-free, high-protein vegan diet, finding desserts and treats that meet your dietary needs can feel nearly impossible. That's because the vast majority of cookies, cakes, and pies contain dairy and eggs, as well as generous amounts of wheat and sugar.

I often wonder why more people don't make treats—foods which deliver in both flavor and texture—made with nutrient-rich ingredients instead of sugars and fats. I understand that the holidays are a time to live a little, but if you're given the option to enjoy the season and take part in culinary festivities while still sticking to a healthy diet, why not take it?

If you're sick of spending the holidays staring down at an empty dessert plate or a fruit-only dish, take the reins this season and bake up a wicked treat that you can devour! They're vegan, gluten free, and delicious.

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