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Over 40 Transformation Of The Week - Melanie Spencer

Melanie Spencer, 49-years-old, did not let age deter her from losing 49 pounds by her 50th birthday in 8 months. With determination she went from 165 pounds to 116 pounds and her waistline shrunk from 38-to-27 inches! Learn how she did it right here ...

Before Before:
165 lbs
After After:
116 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Melanie Spencer
Height: 5'5½"
BodySpace: NotTooLate
Training Journal: NotTooLate
Age: 50

Weight: 165 lbs
Waist: 38"
Hips: 40"

Weight: 116 lbs
Waist: 27"
Hips: 35½"

Why I Got Started

I had gained weight in my 40s, most of it in the last year before my weight loss plan started. I was up to 165 pounds and realized that I was going to be 50 soon, and I was in bad shape.

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Melanie Spencer's Progress.

I had compressed cervical discs in my spine, scar tissue in my right ankle, arthritis starting in my knees and was in a lot of pain. I was having a lot of trouble walking and didn't want to end up in a wheelchair. I had 7 months to get in shape for my 50th birthday.

How I Did It

June 1st, 2007 - I started with a liquid fast of vegetable broth, water, and fruit juices for 10 days. Then I joined a gym and started with yogalaties (yoga and pilates) and the treadmill. I read about nutrition and went on a clean eating program.

Melanie Melanie
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Melanie Spencer.

After 3 more weeks I had an interview with a personal trainer who put me on a weekly routine using the weight machines until I developed some strength. The machines strengthened my arms enough eventually to try free weights. I used the dorsi flexion machine to break down the scar tissue in my ankle.

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Melanie Spencer.

I read a lot about strength training on and I purchased 'Strength Training Anatomy' by Frederic Delavier. By mid August '07 I was practicing the free weight exercises I read about. I worked through my back pain until one day it just didn't hurt anymore.

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Strengthening my back muscles had eased the pressure on my spinal discs. I no longer had knee, back or joint pain. I realized I would have to dedicate my life to weight training if I wanted to be pain free and healthy.

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Melanie Spencer.

By mid October '07, I developed my own routine training full body 3-days per week and cardio on the alternating days with one-day off. By mid November '07, I had started a new 3-day split routine which I have used until the present.



  • Protein powder to make sure I'm getting enough protein for muscle growth
  • Omega 3-6-9 for healthy hair and skin on the low fat plan
  • Amino acids because they are the building blocks of proteins


I've learned so much about nutrition from reading articles on and from the members who have personally helped me in the OV35 forums. I have been using a low fat, high protein plan, eating more than I ever have, and never feeling hungry!


I train with free weights 3 days per week either in the gym or in my home. I use the heaviest weight I can each training session and always strive to increase in weight.

I feel that women should train using the same methods as men and if they don't want to bulk up they can stop increasing in weight and maintain their routine at that level.

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Women Should Train Using
The Same Methods As Men.

As women grow older weight training is even more important to strengthen their bones and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I do 2-to-3 sets of between 8-and-10 reps per set of each exercise.




      Cardio/Rest/Work On Lagging Body Parts
      • Treadmill: 45 minutes alternating jogging and power walking
      • Skipping Rope: 10 to 15 minutes

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Melanie Spencer.

Suggestions For Others

It's never too late to set to your mind to reaching your goals. Set short term goals and work toward each one and before you know it you'll have reached your long term goal.

Eating clean is important to maintain your health over the long term. It's never too late to adopt healthy eating habits. You will also be teaching your children and grandchildren an important lesson in life.

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Melanie Spencer. has numerous articles that can be utilized for your education in nutrition and exercise plan. The OV35 forum has many helpful members that can answer your questions if you need more support or advice.

Starting a journal in the OV35 Journals Forum will help you keep a record of your weight loss and muscle gains and will motivate you to reach your goals. Find the nutrition plan and workout routine that will work for you and stick to it. Dedication is key.

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