The Protein Smoothie Guide EVERYONE Can Follow

Stop shelling out money for commercial smoothies! Make your own at home with better, tastier ingredients.

The Protein Smoothie Guide EVERYONE Can Follow

One of the most convenient and delicious ways to get a combined blast of nutrients, flavor, and protein is to gulp them down in smoothie form. If you've ever purchased a protein smoothie at your local smoothie bar or gym, you've probably watched it being made. An unlabeled scoop of powder, a bit of Mystery Ingredient X, some unknown liquid, and voilà—liquid magic! You start to wonder if there's sorcery involved.

Making your own protein smoothies like those found at your favorite smoothie bar really isn't rocket science—or wizardry. It's actually quite simple.

With a powerful blender and a few basic guidelines, you'll be whipping and whirring your way to a variety of healthy, high-protein smoothies you can customize to your exact tastes and preferences! Sure, you can continue to buy the premade stuff in bottles, but making your own lip-smacking concoctions gives you full control over the ingredients, the nutrients, and the exact macros in each smoothie. Best of all, you can tailor them to your individual fitness goals.

Let's get started! Who knows—you might actually be a smoothie-making maestro.

Mixing The Best Protein Smoothie (Infographic)

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