Ten Tips To Gain Mass!

Eating high calorie meals is probably the most important step in gaining mass. If you don't get enough to eat, you won't gain weight.

1. Eat and I Mean Eat a lot
Eating high calorie meals is probably the most important step in gaining mass. If you don't get enough to eat, you won't gain weight. You can't lift like a horse and eat like a bird and expect to gain weight it just doesn't work that way. That is why most bodybuilders eat four to six times per day to increase calories, protein, carbs., etc., and to increase the absorption of nutrients. You may even want to try drinking a protein shake in the middle of the night to encourage additional muscle growth.

2. Increase Sodium
This underestimated mineral plays an important role in overall muscle growth and by slightly increasing your daily sodium intake it helps increase water retention. Plus sodium enhances carbohydrate storage and amino acid absorption also improving the muscle's responsiveness to insulin.

3. Drink Water
Water is the best way to supplement a diet. It's mother natures ultimate supplement and without it you will go no where. It gives you proper regulation of food, vitamins, and minerals. It also helps you get the most out of your protein and carbs, by helping your body absorb it.

4. Cycle Your Diet
For two weeks eat an extra 2000 calories then go back to your normal calorie diet for the next two weeks, on and off. I have heard good stories about doing this. You will only eat the extra 2000 calories for two weeks because that's about how long it takes your body to adapt to it, and if it does you will not get the same benefit as you would if it was not adapted to it.

5. Use Creatine
Creatine will most likely help you gain mass. Plus with no side effects where can you go wrong. Be sure to drink plenty of water while your on it though, and just like any other supplement. Do your research.

6. Rest
I love to sleep. You all need to if you want to put on some mass. Your body needs this time to re-cooperate. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

7. Stop All Aerobics
In order to put on serious mass your gonna need to stop all of your aerobics. You need to keep as many calories and you can in your body and the aerobics will not help you do that. Remember every physical activity has a negative impact on building muscle.

8. Eat Meat
Tuna, Beef, Steaks......mmmmmmmm

9. Lift Hard
Your never gonna get that physique you want unless you lift and I mean lift hard. That doesn't mean to throw the weights around. Be sure to control your weight, control is very important. Be sure to use a weight that you can do 4 reps but no more then 6, heh this is the fun part, do 6 reps anyway. NOT CHEATING!

10. No Spotter!
Well, this is my opinion but here goes.....I don't believe in using a spotter, gloves, straps, or anything that will help you get that weight up. I believe that you should be able to get that weight up on your own and not with the help with anyone or anything else.