Easy Fat Loss Diet Tips: Substitute, Don't Sacrifice! Make Fat Flee With These 10 Quick Calorie Cuts

Is your diet all work and no play? With these easy fat loss diet tips & simple nutrition changes, you can enjoy what you eat and still shed fat!

If you're like most people, you want to lose weight fast with as little effort as possible. If your extra pounds had legs, you'd love to watch them run from your belly like hounds after hares. (Fast. Crazy fast.)

The last thing you want to do is slave away on cardio machines for hours, fueled by nothing but egg whites, fish, and green vegetables. No thanks, you think. You'd rather lose fat without the dreaded diet drain.

Fortunately, by following the following easy fat loss diet tips, you can do just that!

Focus on the little things you can do each day to lose weight, and you can easily shave off 300-500 calories each and every day! Guess what? This can equate to one pound of weight loss each week.

Now that's speaking your language.

Let's have a look at ten things you can do now to cut calories without feeling like you're on a diet. Watch the fat flee!

You can slow down. These tips will have the fat running from you.

1. Goodbye, Bagels; Toast is for Toning!

Yes, bagels are delicious. I know. They're also very filling, especially when slathered with cream cheese. With good reason: they'll pack on far too many calories. A smarter plan? Go with one or two slices of multigrain bread instead. You'll save yourself at least 150 calories in the process. Better still, pop them in the toaster. Studies have found that toasting slightly lowers the Glycemic Index of bread. The lower the GI, the better where fat loss is concerned.

2. Cut Coffee, Go Green Tea

Stopping off for your morning caffeine crank? If so, order a green tea rather than a coffee. You probably won't add cream to your green tea, and that alone will save you 50-100 calories. If you would have ordered a coffee variety that comes with whipped cream, double those calorie savings. (Don't forget sugar and all the other fluff!) Plus, some studies suggest that green tea will help burn calories on its own. Awesome.

3. Soup, Not Sandwich

While you should always take the time to pack your lunch before heading out to work, opt for soup rather than a sandwich if you absolutely need to eat out. Soup typically contains fewer calories than its counterpart, and it's often more nutrient-rich and filling. Just be sure to order a broth-based variety, rather than something made from cream. (Ciao, chowder.)

4. Back to the Ranch, Ranch!

If you've decided a salad is your best choice for lunch, forgo the classic ranch or Caesar dressing and instead opt for a combination of olive oil and vinegar. (Extra virgin olive oil? Even better.) Oil and vinegar will supply your body with healthier unsaturated fats and will be lower in total calories, as well.

5. Say Cheese: Strings, Not Slices

Okay, so if you're someone who simply can't live without cheese no matter what diet you're following (cheese-a-vores unite!), then at least make the decision to choose cheese strings rather than slices. Strings tend to be lower in total calories and have less fat, so you can keep the good nutrition train chugging.

6. Salsa: Not Just for Dancing

If you're out for a quick bite on a Friday night and nachos come to the table, dip yours in salsa and not guacamole. While guac contains healthy fat from the avocado, you're already taking in more than enough fat from the nachos. You must maintain some balance when you want to lose weight fast. If you like spicy salsa-even better! Compounds called capsaicin in hot peppers might also help your goal.

7. Choose Chili

Stopping at a fast food burger chain for something quick when you have no other food available? If so, save yourself hundreds of calories by ordering a small cup of chili rather than a burger. The chili will be lower in fat and will supply a healthier source of carbohydrates and protein. As long as you maintain a good serving size, this is one fast-food meal that can actually fit in fairly well with a fat-fighting diet.

8. Forgo "Fake" Fruit

Many people gobble up any tasty "real fruit bars" they find, thinking they've got a quick snack for energy on-the-go. While these bars definitely satisfy your craving for something sweet - hell, they're loaded with sugar - remember that they pack in far more calories than you'd think. Choose a piece of real fruit instead. It has more fiber, more nutrients, and you'll save at least 50 calories with this simple swap.

9. Pop It

If you have the desire to munch on something late at night and the standard lean protein and healthy fats just won't do, choose popcorn over chips. The low-fat, unbuttered variety contains only 20 calories per cup! To boost the flavor while adding a bit more protein, sprinkle on some low-fat Parmesan cheese, a healthier choice than commercial popcorn flavorings.

10. Gobble-Gobble, Ground!

Finally, the last way to save 100 calories (or more!) is to swap ground beef for ground turkey. Ground turkey is a better source of protein and is much lower in fat (up to 99% fat free!), so it's the far superior meat when you're trying to lose fat fast. It substitutes well into almost any recipe.

By keeping all of these tips in mind, you can lose weight fast and actually enjoy following your diet!