Snack Fit, Not Fat: 10 Best-Tasting Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Don't let the Super Bowl super-size your belly. Ingest less junk food and feast instead upon these 10 equally tasty, protein-packed alternatives!

Snack Fit, Not Fat: 10 Best-Tasting Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

For the United States, the Super Bowl is an annual celebration of burly men crashing into one another, ravenous sports fans yelling obscenities, and a gluttonous array of every belly-bursting finger food you can think of. Basically, it's like the second coming of Thanksgiving dinner, except in place of a traditional turkey you've got 200 chicken wings and no Aunt Edna in sight.

Now, if you're committed to making headway on your fitness goals during the big game, you can start by making better—but equally tasty—choices. This year, forgo the traditional, last-minute picks in your grocery store's chip aisle and score a nutritional touchdown with these easy, smart swaps.

Remember: Snack fit, not fat!


Snack Chips

What's a football game without chips to munch on? The average bag at your supermarket is slammed with extra fat and a tiny serving size that most people cannot (and would not) limit themselves to. While raw vegetables could be a great option, why not swap a chip for a chip with the substitutes below?

Quest Nutrition Protein Chips Doritos Nacho Cheese
Per Bag Per 11 Chips
120 calories 140 calories
2 g fat 8 g fat
5 g carbs 16 g carbs
21 g protein 2 g protein

Part chip, almost all protein, Quest chips have the satisfying crunch and flavor of your favorite potato chips, but they're made mostly from whey protein. One crunch will leave you wondering, "Just what is this delicious wizardry?!"


Protein Snacks

Aside from pizza, Buffalo wings are generally the centerpiece of any Super Bowl party. While they do contain protein, they also have equal amounts of fat from the sauce and accompanying condiments (blue cheese dressing, anyone?).

Perky Jerky Buffalo Wings
Per 1 Ounce Per 3 Wings
60 calories 216 calories
0 g fat 15 g fat
4 g carbs 0 g carbs
11 g protein 18 g protein

Made with no nitrates and low in sodium, an ounce of this premium turkey jerky offers 11 grams of protein and 0 grams of fat. Should you choose to eat the whole 2.2-oz bag—and why wouldn't you?—that's 24 grams of satisfying, muscle-building protein! You can also choose from a variety of seriously delicious flavors, including spicy and teriyaki.


Cheese Puffs

There's just something about cheese dust that can make these airy snacks far too addicting. Alas, like most processed snacks, cheese puffs are packed with fat and dirty carbs. Thankfully, we've got a healthy alternative!

Kay's Natural Protein Puffs Cheetos Cheese Puffs
Per Bag Per 27 Pieces
125 calories 280 calories
3 g fat 18 g fat
16 g carbs 27 g carbs
12 g protein 3 g protein

As you can see, Kay's Natural Protein Puffs have a better balance of clean carbs and muscle-making protein than other name-brand cheese puffs. The other benefit is that you get 5 grams of fiber per bag!


Trail Mix

Trail mix isn't the most conventional Super Bowl snack at the party, sure, but who can resist the perfect blend of sweet and savory? If this is your nosh of choice, you're in luck.

Ostrim Paleo Trail Mix Kirkland Trail Mix
Per 1/2 Bag Per 3 Tablespoons
160 calories 160 calories
10 g fat 10 g fat
14 g carbs 12 g carbs
8 g protein 5 g protein

Looking at the comparison of nutrition info, you may conclude that Ostrim and traditional trail mix are very similar. Not exactly. In terms of total weight at that serving size, you get less mix with Kirkland's Trail Mix than you do with Ostrim's. Ostrim trail mix also contains a healthy blend of Ostrim Jerkee (a protein source) with fruit, almonds, cashews, and cranberries. By contrast, the predominant carb source from the other mix comes from chocolate candies.



Ah, pretzels: another classic mainstay in the average Super Bowl snack line-up. While these twisty nibbles offer a satisfying crunch and are relatively low in fat, they're severely lacking in protein and are laden with extra sodium that can leave you feeling dehydrated after having one handful too many.

Kay's Natural Protein Pretzel Sticks Snyder Pretzel Sticks
Per Bag Per 20 Sticks
120 calories 120 calories
3.5 g fat 1.5 g fat
15 g carbs 26 g carbs
12 g protein <1 g protein

Made with soy protein, Kay's Natural Protein Pretzel Sticks are a satisfying higher-protein, lower-carb crunchy snack option. They're also gluten free! Win-win-win.



Showing up to a party with chips (or vegetables) but no dip is like arriving at a dinner table with too many knives but no fork—in other words, crazy. What's really crazy is that, aside from some salsa dips, most goops are pure culinary and nutritional monstrosities that add hundreds of low-quality calories to your snacking. Fortunately, it's possible to dip your chips without forfeiting your macros.

Walden Farms Calorie Free Dressing Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
Per Serving Per 2 Tablespoons
0 calories 140 calories
0 g fat 14 g fat
0 g carbs 2 g carbs
0 g protein 1 g protein

If you're looking for fat-free, low-calorie options, there's a clear winner here. Walden Farms is a great substitute when all you're looking for is a dip for veggies, chips, and protein without all the extra calories. Thousand Island and Raspberry Vinaigrette are staff favorites.



Puddin' is perfect for those times when your raging sweet tooth hits before, during, and after commercials.

Power Pak Pudding Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding
Per Container Per Container
190 calories 120 calories
4.5 g fat 3 g fat
9 g carbs 21 g carbs
30 g protein 1 g protein

Who else remembers peeling back a portable container of pudding during lunchtime in their youth? Well, the Power Pak is a grown-up pudding that is delicious, lower in carbs, and packed with protein.


High-Protein Peanut Butter Spreads

FYI, Super Bowl parties are also code for peanut butter jelly time!

P28 High-Protein Spread JIF Peanut Butter
Per 2 Tablespoons Per 2 Tablespoons
200 calories 190 calories
13 g fat 16 g fat
6 g carbs 7 g carbs
14 g protein 8 g protein

For those of you who love your peanut-butter-and-anything sandwiches, P28's high-protein spreads really kick up the protein a few notches with twice the protein per serving. Now you can feel good about feeding your muscles while noshing on some tasty, creamy peanut butter in a variety of different flavors. By the way, the White Chocolate is out of this world...



After plowing through savory snacks, many hungry partygoers start hunting for sweets. We've got you covered.

Perfect FIT Protein Cookie Chips Ahoy Cookies
Per Cookie Per 3 Cookies
150 calories 160 calories
6 g fat 8 g fat
18 g carbs 22 g carbs
10 g protein 2 g protein

If you're going to help yourself to cookies, you can at least let your conscience rest easy knowing that this simple gluten-free swap will provide you with way more protein while being dang tasty to boot!



Let's not forget that copious calorie-laden alcohol and sugary drinks play a huge part of Super Bowl merriment. Get your hydration on while supporting your muscles!

Amino Acid and BCAA Mixtures Gatorade
Per Serving Per 8 Fluid Ounces
5-10 calories 50 calories
0 g fat 0 g fat
2 g carbs (varies) 14 g carbs
2 g protein (varies) 0 g protein

If you plan on sticking to your diet, you can still partake in the revelry with any of these tasty amino acid and branched-chain amino acid mixes. They taste pretty much like a fruity sports drink and offer an added boost in muscle recovery as you sip throughout the game. You can even get creative and make these delicious "mocktails" (non-alcoholic drinks)!