Protein Cookie Sandwiches!

Add some cool to your next dessert by turning your cookie into a sandwich with a protein ice cream middle.

Protein Cookie Sandwiches!
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If you've ever bitten into a regular cookie and thought it was the best thing ever, you've clearly never had a protein cookie sandwich. These lil' cookies are absolutely glorious! They're basically like the cake around a whoopie pie, but in cookie form, and packed with awesome protein power.

Made with ice cream, these sandwiches are gluten-free, and the cookies are dairy-free. If you're up for a little milk, I recommend adding ice cream between these cookies to make a portable ice cream pie!

You can add any ice cream of your choice, or whip up some homemade protein ice cream to add to your gains.

Of course, if you want to skip that completely, you can always enjoy your cookies solo, dunked in milk, crumbled over a big bowl of protein oatmeal, or sandwiched between some good ol' fashioned peanut butter.

The recipe is simple, so you can personalize it to reflect whatever sets your internal cookie monster on fire!

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