Protein Chocolate Lava Cakes For Two: A Valentine's Day Special

Nothing says love like chocolate cake. Show your swole-mate how you really feel on Valentine's Day with this protein lava cake recipe!

Protein Chocolate Lava Cakes For Two: A Valentine's Day Special

Every year on Valentine's Day I challenge myself to make something special for my someone special—and each year it has to top the year before. That's not always an easy task. As you may remember, last year I served up protein truffles that rivaled the store-bought brand. Simply put, those truffles were amazing!

But this year I wanted to go above and beyond. I want to make something to melt my significant other's heart while setting my own heart on fire. The result: this lava cake recipe! It's a serious game-changer, and I doubt you've tasted anything like it before. It's just as delicious, gooey, and rich as regular lava cake, yet it's markedly lower in calories, higher in protein, gluten-free, and jam-packed with nutritional goodness. It's protein wizardry at its finest.

So, please, make this recipe and share it. Surprise your loved one with it. Blindfold them, bring them to a candlelit table, sit them down, and watch their eyes widen as you reveal this dessert dish. Or put it on a tray and enjoy the cakes in bed. Do what you please with them! Just be warned: Whoever you make them for will likely love you forever.

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