Fitness 360: Mary Murphy, Raising The Bar Higher: Nutrition & Meal Plan

Mary Murphy’s athletic background and stunning features make her a perfect addition to the NPC. Follow her nutrition plan and see how she feeds for fuel!

Some people think bikini models must starve themselves to get into stage-worthy condition. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Most, like our Mary Murphy, eat ample amounts of food, just to keep pace with their training.

Mary Murphy Fitness 360

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Mary, now an NPC Bikini Competitor, spent her youth and her early 20s playing softball and staying in shape for her spring and summer seasons. She didn't confront her nutritional needs until she made an attempt at bodybuilding.

On her freshman bio page at Everett College (Wash.), in fact, she listed mac 'n' cheese and pizza as her favorite foods. How things have changed!

"When I started training, I didn't realize how much I needed to eat," Murphy said. "I thought to lose weight I had to cut back [on food]. But, it's totally not true. You have to keep eating!"

Just different foods from mac 'n' cheese and pizza.

Now she eats clean foods 6-to-7 times per day, the recommended amount to constantly engage the metabolic system.

Each meal consists of a protein, a complex carbohydrate and either a fruit or veggie. Each meal is small, eaten every 2-to-2.5 hours.

Mary said she completely eliminated seasonings and condiments from her meals. She said her cravings have since diminished!

"I try to just remember that I'm not dieting," Murphy said.

"It's the lifestyle I've chosen. When I say the word 'diet,' people don't know how to take it and they're thinking I'm not eating … it's a tricky word."

Although Mary's nutrition plan is strict as the solar cycle, she will indulge in a Saturday night cheat meal. Even then, she sticks to her portion sizes.

Mary's Nutrition Philosophy

"I eat 6 small meals per day. I have it scheduled so that I eat every 2-to-2.5 hours. I try and have my fourth meal done by the time I leave work at 4:30 p.m. This is a lifestyle for me. I try not to use the word 'diet' because people tend to take it the wrong way. I enjoy eating this way and feel my best when I'm eating clean, whole foods. Don't get me wrong: Pizza and chocolate are my go-to cheat meal foods. I just don't overindulge. It's about being consistent and taking the time to meal prep. Not being prepared is the quickest way to fail!"

Mary's Nutrition Plan

Meal 1 - 9 AM
  • eggs

    Egg Whites

    4 Calories: 46
    Fats: 150 mg| Protein 10 g| Carbs 642 mg

  • spinach

    Spinach Leaves

    1 cup Calories: 76
    Fats: 2 g| Protein 9 g| Carbs 11 g

  • oats


    1/2 cup Calories: 94
    Fats: 1 g| Protein 2 g| Carbs 20 g

Meal 2 - 11 AM
  • fish


    3oz Calories: 152
    Fats: 7 g| Protein 12 g| Carbs 10 g

  • cottage cheese

    Cottage Cheese

    2oz Calories: 46
    Fats: 1 g| Protein 6 g| Carbs 2 g

  • rice cake

    Rice Cake

    1 Calories: 16
    Fats: 147 mg| Protein 344 mg| Carbs 3 g

Meal 3 - 1:30 PM
Meal 4 - 3:30 PM
  • chicken

    Chicken Breast

    3oz Calories: 144
    Fats: 5 g| Protein 23 g| Carbs 1 g

  • bread

    Ezekial Bread

    1 slice Calories: 80
    Fats: .5 g| Protein 4.8 g| Carbs 15 g

  • cucumber

    1/3 Cucumber, Sliced And 2 Slices Tomato Soaked In Balsamic Vinegar

    Calories: 9
    Fats: 90 mg| Protein .34 g| Carbs 2 g

Meal 5 - 5:30 PM
  • chicken

    Chicken Breast

    3oz Calories: 144
    Fats: 5 g| Protein 23 g| Carbs 1 g

  • grapefruit


    1/4 Calories: 21.25
    Fats: 65 mg| Protein .5 g| Carbs 5.5 g

  • peas


    1/3 cup Calories: 50
    Fats: 272 mg| Protein 4 g| Carbs 11 g

  • sweet potato

    Sweet Potato

    3oz Calories: 82
    Fats: 366 mg| Protein 1 g| Carbs 19 g

Meal 6 - 8 PM
  • turkey

    Turkey Breast

    3oz Calories: 135
    Fats: 4 g| Protein 24 g| Carbs 186 mg

  • green beans

    Green Beans

    1/4 cup Calories: 17
    Fats: 116 mg| Protein 868 mg| Carbs 4 g

  • squash


    3oz Calories: 14
    Fats: 153 mg| Protein 1 g| Carbs 3 g

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